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Where is the new Broly page??
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4 Days to go

Dragon Ball Super BROLY 4 days remaining
Dragon Ball Super BROLY 4 days remaining YouTube
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Broly and Paragus

Can somebody please explain why they deleted the new incarnation of Broly page and why they merged Paragus with the old incarnation? Makes no sense
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The day planet vegeta was saved

So one day it was a nice day dust well as everybody was training in the field they saw a dark energy coming they didn't know what it was but they tried to make make it was right for all they knew was fake at the same to your loved ones as bulldog put his family into the pod Goku Raditz and Genie went to Earth is Borax with fighting Lord Frieza Frieza was a very hard important to fight but the Border kept trying to defeat him freezer kept knocking them back like he was just a piece of meat on the ground
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I'm ready to make a new story titled Dragon Ball Ultra

I'm gonna make a new story titled Dragon Ball Ultra. It's about Goku defeating Jiren obviously and him and Vegeta fight each other into the Ultra universe. This is all I'm saying but other than that enjoy what I give you on 12/31/18

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I wanna help!!!!! Guys!!!

I was playing DB Legend 2 days ago and when I start it today it is saying

"This is not genuine version of this app please download official app from store"
Please help me tell what to do
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Hi, I'm a fan of the dragon ball franchise. My favourite is Dragon Ball X Kai. Why? Because I've got lots of memories and love for it. Hope to talk and meet you in the comments.
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Question about Piccolo

Will Piccolo ever achieve god ki?
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Me Vegito BLUE

I don't think anyone will disappointed with this except for those who born in June
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Dragonball Hakia~ ep 9 (mystery saiyan saga)

Dragonball Hakai~ ep 9 (mystery Saiyan saga)

Frij: okay... hold on... is Kon like a Saiyan or something

Kyabetsu: (to Frij) what do you think?

Frij: uuhhh... no

Kyabetsu: YES! he is a saiyan! (To Kon) okay well Kon how about I go full power!

Kon: huh, I thought you already where, but I guess you’re not that weak *opens eyes to see Kyabetsu right at his face and Kon get’s smashes in the face* uargh! Now don’t get to confident, you got lucky for me to be off guard but I will still destroy you!

Kyabetsu and Kon: *start equal battle that goes on for ages*

Kyabetsu: (while puffing) you’re strong but... (long pause) w-w-what is that! It can’t be! No way! How am I meant to fight two people!

Kon: what do you mean?!

Kyabetsu: oh no! Arctic must be sending in some backup! What will I do!

Kon: what! How do you know! Arctic told me nothing about backup! You’re to weak! Tell me, what makes you think there is backup coming!

Kyabetsu: I can sense the power! It’s about at an equal level with my power! This can’t be good!


Frij: yeah, he can do that, it’s weird, sometimes I think he’s going crazy but his senses are always right

Kon: that’s incredi- WAIT! Why do I care about sencing power?! I’ve got worse things to worry about!

Kyabetsu: like what?

Kon: I don’t need or want backup! I was just toying with you! You didn’t really think you where at an even state with the mighty Kon! But this is fun! I don’t want backup!

Kyabetsu: WHAT! welp, (To Frij) we should probably leave Earth now and find another planet to go to

Frij: are you out of you’re mind?! We must be the heroes and save Earth!

Kyabetsu: yeah but it’s two against one! one stronger than me and one at my level! TWO AGAINST ONE!

Frij: I could help fight! It’s pretty boring watching

Kyabetsu: Frij, face it, you’re no help

Frij: I just wanted to help!

Kyabetsu: well forget it! But that pods coming in fast it will be here in a few minutes!

Frij: what should we do?!

Kyabetsu: How should I kn-*get’s punched in the face by Kon*

Kon: weaklings!

Kyabetsu: *flys over to try and punch Kon*

Kon: *simply dodges Kyabetsu and grabs his tail* haha! You should be more aware of you’re tail! It’s a saiyans weak spot!

Kyabetsu: h-how, oh no! T-the s-sayains n-nearly here! And I’m just standing here helpless! While he has hold of my tail!

Kon: *starts pulling on tail really hard*


Frij: well, why should I? I should just leave the Earth, I mean that’s what you would do for me


Frij: (realises how much suffering Kyabetsu is going through and decides to help) *charges up simple blast at Kon* (to Kon) this move is powerful but easy to dodge! I learnt it on planet Geyser, and let me tell you, if you don’t dodge, you’ll be blasted to hell! *fires beam*

Kon: *let’s go of Kyabetsu and doges attack* You will dye for that! *about to go and punch Frij but a pod suddenly lands on Kon*

Kyabetsu: oh no! It’s the other saiyan! But... what if that Pod killed Kon, I mean it was coming in really fast, if so... I would only have to verse this guy who”# about equal to me!

*pod opens*

???: *walks out of pod* hi my names Ninjin

*pod get’s flung up into the Air by Kon*


Ninjin: so Kyabetsu, do you remember me?

Kon: huh, what’s going on?

Kyabetsu: oohh, I remember you! You’re that guy that was in prison with me, yeah you and... what was his name... he was you’re trainer, he was this old dude... don’t tell me, it’s right at the tip of my tongue! Na- na- NASU! YEAH I REMEMBER IT!

Ninjin: Yeah! Back then I was much stronger than you, but you seem to have gotten stronger, our powers seem to be even!

Kon: huh, you can sense powers too!

Ninjin: (To Kon) yeah, Kyabetsu taught me how to do it inside the prison

Kon: why should I care! I will kill you both!

Kyabetsu: so, Ninjin, are you on my side... or... I’ll say yes

Ninjin: *nods*

Kyabetsu: oh goody! We can definitely beat him together *both Ninjin and Kyabetsu go in to attack*

Frij: (while the others are fighting) great! I’m useless again!
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Who is your best friend?

I got Yamcha😭. Sorry to everyone in September and August. I'm scared of everyone in July and jealous of everyone in May.
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