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Ki can be more called a cooling power while flying

I know it is a boring logic but if db characters fly more than speed of light then how it takes them 30 mins to complete destination as earth can be crossed almost 15 times in 30 mins with speed of light. Leaving that maybe coz their earth maybe bigger but then where is friction? Maybe this add that ki have cooling effect
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Is this a good drawing?

I drew this for my own oc for DBS and soo yea, I wanna know y'all thinking and pls be honest
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Dagon Ball Super: BROLY Trailer 2 mix Eng and japanese dub
Dagon Ball Super: BROLY Trailer 2 mix Eng and japanese dub YouTube
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This is part 2 of thug life

Its also very funny
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Ask An Admin

It's that time. Figured we'd better get another fresh ask an admin post. Please ask me any questions you have about the wiki, Dragon Ball, or general questions here. It can also be used as one way to contact me.

I will leave the link to this post in my bio so you can all easily reach it.

I recommend you follow this even if you don't have a question at this time because there could be a question asked that you didn't know the answer to later.
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Dragon ball super thug life

I have a part 2 also
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Hey guys I am back again but my exams are not be finished

I can talk to you but for a few time in a day
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Watch this I got this today!!

Dragon Ball Super Chou OPENING!!!
Dragon Ball Super Chou OPENING!!! YouTube
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How was it

Please tell me
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I am back with the massive news Network,

Headlines today are:-

1) King and UIVegito got a ban because of an harsh argument.

2) Bharat and Saiyan Hermint's block will expire on 21/10/18, at 2:22 (IST).

3) Sourpotatosoup had taken over news

Thats what was all,


1) the ban on King and Vegito is about 3 days, because of a way further argument which was inappropriate and may contain violated comments.
( JBour's statement is in comment no-1)

2) the ban they both got will end on 21st of October 2018 on IST 2:22 pm, they got banned because of abusing each other, and a harsh argument also had taken place between them, they were banned for 7 days. ( As per source ), the ban was made by "0551E80Y". The image of ban is provided by THE_SAIYAN_HERMINT.( Image is in comment on-2)

3) it was sourpotatosoup's request on which this event happened, it have been granted by Roshans.


That's all for today
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This is how misconceptions form and it needs to be fixed on here
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( beeku , Goku and Vegeta appears )

(scene:- it is an large ground with fogy floor and an purple sky with no star or moon [ sun is also star ] but still shining bright , there at front you can see a pyramid with an eye at center )

beeku :- ( points towards the pyramid )
that's the seal of Zeref.

Goku :- who ?

Vageta :- zera..?

Beeku :- it's Zeref...

{this is the translation of Zeref [ Ze/re/ef]
it can be called as [ zeruf ] }

Goku :- can you tell us more information about that guy ?

Beeku :- why not ...

Vageta :- then say ...

Beeku :- He will be the Worst Enemy you will see .

Vageta :- are you kidding...
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Must watch! DBS HEROES

Dragon Ball Heroes:All Cutscenes/Openings[2010-2016]
Dragon Ball Heroes:All Cutscenes/Openings[2010-2016] YouTube
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3 Little Saiyans.

This is official art/designs....
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