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Forum Chiaotzu: Tien and Yamcha look about equal, there looking good.

[[Category:{{{1}}}|Chiaotzu: Tien and Yamcha look about equal, there looking good.]]

thumb|px|left|Tien and Yamcha rivals

So with this what do you have to say about Yamcha & Tien's rivalry. Also please don't use Filler as an excuse.right|thumb||

This is filler man, Tien is stronger

I love how you can just tell if somethings filler just by looking at it. Tien and Yamcha werent equal back then, they never were, Krillin comes closer too that spot but instead he is getting his ass kicked by Yajirobe (Filler Fail)

anime filler> Fan statment of who they think is stronger. Also the filler does not contradict the manga in saying tien and Yamcha are about equal, it says appear about equal implying their close to being equal but one is STRONGER; WICH OF COURSE IS TIEN. Also there is no backing proof Krillin was ever as strong as Yamcha or Tien...sorry Krillin fan boys.