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Forum Do you think Goten or Trunks could ever go SSJ2?


I think in a game trunks was

My thoughts...

I am assuming that you are referring to Kid Trunks and not Future Trunks. In the video games, SS2 Future Trunks is present, but it is never shown in the anime. I mean in his future world, if he kept up his training (which he probably did considering he was the only hero left) to defeat powerful opponents then it is possible that like Goku and his father he could have ascended.

Kid Trunks and Goten could have made the jump to SS2 in my opinion, but their serious lack of training after the battle with Buu is what could have made the difference. I mean for Goten he trained with Goku for 10 years before he went off to train Uub. Also, his brother (who had stopped training to pursue the career like his mother always wanted and he started a family with Videl) the original SS2 could have given him pointers about emotions being the fuel for the transformation, but really this was the case for Gohan. For Goku and Vegeta I am sure that it was a matter of pure training to make the ascension to SS2. Goten had Goku training him so if he could have went SS2 he would have learned to, and the same is true for Trunks who had Vegeta to train him. Though by Vegeta’s words, Trunks seemed to be slacking in his training as well.

After Z and during the 10 year before the start of GT, Goten and Trunks had another 10 years to train. Though it is apparent that SS2 was not to be so, Trunks focused on being president of CC, and Goten was preoccupied with dating (but what’s wrong with that? haha). To me it seemed that they kind of ignored Goku’s last words to them being that Uub will look to them for guidance and to keep up their training, and they replied together in “yes!” I mean look at how strong Uub became especially after fusing with Mr. Buu why in the world would he need them or Gohan for that matter for guidance?

To me as Gotenks, the two skipped SS2 to go SS3. Remember that the two hybrids are quick learners. Goku showed them all 3 SS forms before he went back to Otherworld. Look how quickly they picked up SS3. They only had a week of training before Buu came in the Time Chamber. I think that since the boys were so headstrong about going SS3 they figured (or it was at Trunks’ suggestion) that going SS3 was more important than SS2. I mean the two wanted to learn how to be separate SS3s rather than learn the Fusion Technique. They probably didn’t know about the different strengths and weaknesses of the SS levels; SS2 and SS3 had different strains on the body like one draining one’s power at a quicker rate, but they did figure out that they only had 5 minutes as Super Gotenks before they defused. So, those are my thoughts on SS2 Goten and Trunks. Vegetaisthebest 14:23, July 7, 2010 (UTC)