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1st: If Garlic Jr. wasn't made immortal by Shenron, would Kami have been able to defeat him? In Dead Zone it is also stated that Kami's predecessor defeated Garlic Sr.

2nd: Is Kami as strong as his predecessor? And if so (again), could Kami defeat Jr. like the former gaurdian defeated Garlic Sr?

I think Kami could take on Li'l Garlic before he's powered up by the Mayko Star. Kami's predecessor DID beat Garlic Sr., but remember that Kami's predecessor was the Nameless Namekian who split the evil from himself (which became King Piccolo) which transformed himself into Kami. Before the split, the Nameless Namekian was the strongest known being in the universe, but afterwards, most of the strength and fighting skill went to King Piccolo, so Kami and his predecessor are not really able to be compared to one another in terms of strenght and fighting skill. Kami did retain some abilities (like eye lasers seen in the Garlic Jr. Saga), but a powered up yet still mortal Garlic Jr. would win. Of course, I think by that point in the series the Z fighters on Earth could put a stop to all shenanigans.

The Guardian before Kami was not the Nameless Namek, the Nameless Namek was not allowed to take Guardianship because of the evil he had seen and the previous Guardian sensed this in him. He split into two seperate beings of GOOD (Kami) and EVIL (King Piccolo). I do though agree completely that Kami could beat Garlic JR before the Makyo Star powered him up. 11:51, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

Garlic Jr. is a Big Fat Phony

Garlic Jr. is a big phony and is not real and he is a chore to watch because that entire saga is annoying. So, since Kami is real, he wins every time.

SBCSpecialbeamkamehamehaHelloContributionsGohan Kamehameha 16:40, February 24, 2012 (UTC)