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Forum Moon appears after Piccolo destroys it

Mentioned in the "Moon"[1] article, it is said that Piccolo destroys it after Gohan transforms, during his training. However, I noticed it in Episode 55 of Dragon Ball Kai, as King Cold and Freeza approach Earth in the spaceship. Granted, this may have been an error, as no Moon can be seen before Gohan senses Freeza's Ki
Dbzkai-nomoon1 ep55

View of Earth, one moment before the Moon is shown. There is no Moon.

, and also as King Cold notes that Earth is a small planet and could be destroyed easily, and the animators forgot it had been destroyed in that one scene, as I don't believe it was ever addressed that the Moon was either wished, or somehow brought back. Vegeta 85 15:06, July 9, 2010 (UTC)
Dbz-kai-moon ep55

Earth's Moon, as seen in Episode 55 of Dragon Ball Kai

Dbzkai-nomoon2 ep55

Closer view of Earth, after the Moon is shown. There is no Moon once again.

Wished back?

I recall hearing something a while ago when I was a kid about how some normal human wished the moon back using the dragon balls after Piccolo destroyed it. I think Krillin or Bulma says it. Maybe it's only in certain dubbed versions, or I could be pulling stuff out of my ass. I seem to remember something like that though...


Yeah, the moon article also states "To prevent it, Piccolo destroyed the moon. After this the Earth's moon was never shown." I guess all subsequent appearances were errors.