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Hey this is Vegetaisthebest,

I know that these questions have no clear answers and I know that mine may not be completely correct or even correct at all. However, someone pointed out that it will be interesting to see what answers we can come up with so here are mine.


1. Well it could be because they don’t have the self confidence to do anything else for themselves. I was surprised that even in GT they serve the little imp and in the episode Piccolo’s Decision they seem to still be located at the remains of Pilaf’s castle (which was destroyed by Great Ape Goku). Mai seems to be the most competent out of all three of these villains I don’t know why she would even get in that line of work, but Pilaf mentioned that he got them both from the want ads. So, if this is true they only stick with Pilaf because he was the only on to hire them. Not to mention, they are in the storyline but mostly for comic relief.

2. Well this one is a bit tougher, but I think that the writers wanted to introduce an interesting character one with split personalities. Also a girl that will finally give Roshi a run for his money besides Bulma. I actually liked her character made the Tournament training arc pretty interesting and funny too.

3. Well the series didn’t have too many female talking cats that have lived for 100s of years or female pigs that could transform walking around for us to see. This reminds me of Brian from Family Guy there was an episode where he made love to a female dog because the entire episode had him fighting his doggie urges. However, most of his relationships have been with females of a different species (mostly humans). It could be to make them seem more “human-like” than they already are due to the fact that they could stand on two legs and talk.

4. It could be that she has had boyfriends in the past that turned out to be like Yamcha (the player/cheating type). I always wondered that as well, Oolong even mentioned it to her before they went to Pilaf’s castle. She was looking for that prince charming type to sweep her off her feet. Think of it this way; she is the daughter of the most famous/richest scientist in the world and there were probably 100s of guys coming after her but she didn’t want any of them because they were all probably the same type. Isn’t it ironic that she marries a “prince?” She was the heir of the most powerful/richest scientific family on earth and Vegeta was heir of the most powerful warrior race in the universe.

5. That’s a question with no true answer similar to why like he said the same thing to Major Metallictron but he blew his head off and his batteries ran out before he could compete (just some RR saga humor).

6. Since she was based off of a human unlike some models I guess that it would be possible for her to be able to reproduce. Same goes for #17 he could possibly have relations with a female and she could have a baby. Though some sources say that they were turned into completely artificial beings, but like I mentioned before since she was made from a human I guess that she could still carry on some traits of a human female.

7. He could have went to Heaven for being considered a hero for his attempt to save his race from extinction along with redeeming himself thanks to his sons word in his vision. The reason he is never seen in Otherworld is unknown like why did Vegeta ever meet his father in Hell when it is pretty obvious that his father went down there.

8. This is more of a plot hole type of question rather than a question that can be answered with facts. Similar to how Eighter was able to come back when the dragon of Namek brought back those killed by Buu. He too was an Android so it is unknown why he could be brought back while 16 could not even though he was a victim of Cell. It could be because even the new version of Shenron wasn’t powerful enough to restore a fully mechanical being (though this may be contradicted in The Path of Power where #8 was revived) just like it wasn’t able to turn #17 and #18 from androids into humans. Another reason could be because #16 was no longer needed in the storyline or he liked being in Otherworld where it was beautiful and peaceful (if he went to heaven) like the Earth that he always wanted to be in where everything was tranquil.

9. It is said that the 3rd eye could be gain through intensive meditation. Tien is also said to be a descendent of an alien race this could be another reason. It is also said that anyone that meditates to a new level of extreme could gain this third eye. The reason it wasn’t questioned is up in the air when you hang around a talking pig and cat that can transform, a girl with split personalities, green aliens and other strange beings but to them that was normal. So, why would a person with a third eye be any different or considered weird?

10. I always thought of him as a mini-snowman but that was when I was really young and had first learned of the series. It is said that he is based off of some kind of legendary ghost or something one that never touched the ground because it floated with pale skin. You will have to look up the exact legend to get a better background on this story.


1. It was during the three years of training before the final tournament of the DB series. I would say it was because he cheated on Bulma and she cut him (just kidding), but he was with Tien and the others training at Korin’s Tower. He could have gotten it during the trek for the divine water or something like that if they did that form of training with Korin. It is unknown because not even the scars were able to heal even after he was killed and revived.

2. I think it was because he experienced death and no longer feared it (not counting his extreme fear in Broly the LSS), I mean the guy went to Hell. I thought this thing over and over again because Piccolo said that the balls were used to bring him back, but I don’t know if he knew about the balls coming back after a year. Well Krillin did tell him and Nappa when they first got to earth, but he could have thought that they were just bluffing so they would not turn them over. In reality, he was right because the balls were used to bring back Goku the day before so they did have to wait a year. I think that one of his prime reasons for wishing for wanting it was to not experience death along with killing Frieza and ruling the universe. Then Frieza was removed from the picture and as I mentioned earlier he already experience death so he must have learned to accept it I guess. At least that’s how I feel about it considering he died without fear in his failed attempt to kill Buu.

3. I didn’t know it was immortal, just that it was called the eternal dragon. Probably because its creator (well King Piccolo was ½ the creator) was the one to attack it, the dragon could be killed. I don’t know if the same could be done by Goku or another fighter. So, the creator of the balls may be the only one able to destroy the dragon.

4. Remember that GT was a series full of plot holes so its possible that the effects of using the balls too much was never thought up until GT rolled around. It was only the words of Old Kai that warned the overuse of the balls could have a negative effect, but really it was a matter of using the balls of one world that would affect another world (the namek balls bring back the earth). So, the writers probably took that line and ran with it.

5. Possibly for the same reason Dodoria/Cui could not control or hide their power level like Vegeta learned how. This could be because they were so wrapped up in their own power that they never learned it. The Ginyu force was the same way (until Ginyu was inside Bulma) and Vegeta told Jeice that they were behind the times with their Scouters that they could not sense of cloak their powers. So, it is a matter of training not just how powerful you are, Frieza probably killed races of people that knew the technique but he was one to kill first and talk later.

6. If you mean in the Saiyan saga and beyond probably because the same reason he stopped removing his weights in battle because it would benefit little against the enemy he was facing. It seemed to be an invincible pole that could not be broken but when up against foes that could blow up planets I don’t think it could have done much good. Though it does not have a power level it could catch some foes off guard. I would have loved to see certain villains smashed in the head or below with it.

7. He sent Cell to Hell without fighting him seen in his flashback when Goku gets to his place after coming from Snake Way. As for Frieza, it could have been the same story sending him down a deep hole.

8. Probably for the same reason they can stand listening to people like Chiaotzu talk in his squeaky voice

9. Probably went back into the mountains or flew off to explore the world I always thought the dragon that appeared when Bulma and the others looked for the balls to revive those killed by Majin Vegeta. The large pink dragon that appeared looked very similar to it. I don’t know if it was him if not then it is forever unknown where he went.

10. Because the story would be over in like 2 episodes lol. But really it could have made his character even better killing Frieza and his father when they came to earth heck he could have killed Broly and others like the Shadow Dragons that were pure evil.


1. If I am right wasn’t it still stuck between Korin tower and the Lookout?? Then it appeared in DB movie 2 and at the very end of GT. He could have went to get it because after the use of flight was learned it was no longer needed to reach the Lookout. So, he could have put it back at his house and kept it there until the end of Z. Then at GT it and the Nimbus just appeared probably to end it the way the series started for the fans.

2. Depending on the version you are watching it says what its gender is male or female depending on the dub I think. I think that it is a floating cat.

3. Based on Mystical Adventure the answer is clear, but since it is a movie it is really unclear. Similar to Puar and Yamcha, it is really unclear how the two met and how they are hard to tear apart, but I don’t think that it is anything sexual if that’s what you mean.

4. In of my earlier answers; I think he went to heaven

5. answered above I don’t think he went to hell if he did it would be an never-ending battle with him and his teammates fighting the tyrant and his men (that would be so awesome! especially if they all went SS), just like the same kind of question if Raditz, Nappa and King Vegeta continued to fight Frieza in Hell

6. Well he said that he was in the 4th form using it as his original so it makes since that through full mastery of his “true” form he would be able to reach a new level of power. I bet if he used 100% in his 4th form he would be able to handle it better than Frieza did because he uses his 1st original form and only used the 4th one against the z fighters. It is unknown if Frieza reached a new form considering in Hell he used the final form as his original

7. Yeah that one is up in the air…probably the original Kami built the Lookout or Popo since he was under the very first Kami. It was built to oversee the entire planet so the guardian with mystical abilities would be able to construct a building of such magical qualities. Korin’s tower was probably built by Korin or another possibility is that Kami was responsible for it. Since it is said that Korin knows Kami pretty well. They must have gotten together and figured that only the pure and worthy could reach the top of such a high tower and if they mastered the skills of Korin then they would also be worthy enough to get to the lookout as well. So, it was constructed to find the best of the best on Earth

8. Possibly because in this galaxy they were the strongest form of species and were easily able to overcome the neighboring planets and started it from there using less superior species to work as their arms and legs to take over and eventually expand into their giant organization

9. Probably it was more of an experiment to create warriors for them to fight, but it turned out that they could only make a being of limited power. So, if this is the case they decided to just use them as henchmen and sparring partners for younger Saiyans for training like Vegeta in the Bardock movie. If they were made by another race they probably only wanted to make a being that was only in the power range of the low class Saiyans in order to not create more powerful beings.

10. To me he reminded me more of a dog-like creature. I don’t know I don’t think that humans were ever in the superior species circle of life in the DB universe. Human-like animals lived and worked alongside humans so I really don’t think that it was any controversy for having an “animal” run the planet as king. Though they do recognize Kami as the “god” of earth as seen when Cell kills the army and the king tells them the only thing that they could do is pray to Kami.

So, these are my answers tell me what you think.----Vegetaisthebset

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