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Why can't they just build a time machine, get a full blood saiyan, and you know....Gohan, Goten and Trunks could've all gotten good wives that way (Videl is really annoying) and restored the saiyan race! Even though they are half-blood...


1. Because all the saiyans where evil.

2. They be way older then them.

3. No one wanted to restore the race they had no need to.

4.Goten and Trunks probably didnt want wifes anyway.

5. How could they? Just go back to the past on planet Frieza and announce "Hey I am a Hybrid Saiyan from the future and I need a good wife so I can resotore the saiyan race in the future!" They be a laughing stock. Ss4 gogetaLssj4 00:44, May 30, 2011 (UTC)

True, true...

Show of strength, then. Turn Super Saiyan and blow stuff up. Ask them to produce the strongest warriors on the planet and then watch as they effortlessly beat them up. The girls will be all over them.

It would work

they could have just gotten the dragonballs and wished that planet vegita and every saiyan was back.19:55, October 18, 2011 (UTC)19:55, October 18, 2011 (UTC)19:55, October 18, 2011 (UTC)19:55, October 18, 2011 (UTC)19:55, October 18, 2011 (UTC)

such a pity

its because of gohan that the stupid disgrace known as "pan" was born

I just figured this out today. Think about it, the villian cell was created partially from Goku and Vegeta's DNA. This makes cell partially a Saiyan. That and Broly was brought back to life using Cloning technology. That means that that the Saiyans using cloning tecnology can be brought back to life. Its amazing!

You could clone the saiyan race back to life like with Cell or Broly.

Well it would probably work better if they used Porunga to wish for a DNA sample from all the saiyans besides Broly(no more bios), King Vegeta and Bardock(it would be really awkward training a child version of your dead father). Then, they could train them really well, after teaching them right and wrong, and that way, Earth would have an army of Super Saiyans. Maybe even put the lssj gene into a few of them, so there would be loads of near invincible warriors. But cloning is much better than using a time machine ............again!

Yeah, just imagine it. With the DNA of Vegeta and Goku, the only full-blooded Saiyans left, you could replicate hundreds of saiyans in a few years possibly. Broly's clone is proof that this can be done. These saiyans as children could be trained to focus their fighting nature on more positive things like martial arts tournaments or protecting the earth from evil. However, because there are no female saiyans around nor their DNA because that asshole Frieza killed them all, they'll have to breed with the human women to ensure their survival. But at least their numbers will be a lot more larger than that of a simple handful. Science is awesome.

The Saiyan race was full of evil warriors

Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance?

But check this out. It has been proven there WERE female saiyans (i.e. Fasha from the Bardock movie) and in King Kai's flashback. Although there were not that many for some reason, which leads to people asking how the Saiyans (Like Bardock or King Vegeta) even had sons if no wives were metioned or seen.(Raditz mentioned to Goku about their parents, which makes them have a mom.)

They should all ask for a wish using the dragon balls. it should be something like: "Bring back every saiyan's good reincarnation that got killed by Frieza on planet Vegeta." Pretty sure it would work.

Not all saiyans had the power to go "Super Saiyan".

My Answer

They couldn't, because ALL Saiyans were evil, or at least most of them, EVAN Females. Also, Going back could SEVERELY mess up time, and it would be hard to explain stuff to them.EmperorPeelaugh575TalkContribGuide0w 02:48, April 11, 2012 (UTC)EmperorPeelaugh575

Different Timelines

Remember how going back in time makes an alternate timeline? Even though the Androids and Cell were taken care of in the main timeline, the Androids in Future Trunks's timeline still existed. Through this logic, there would be an alternate timeline where the Saiyans were either not destroyed or revived. They could possibly bring the Saiyans to the main timeline, but that would take an incredible amount of effort, seeing as only maybe 1 or 2 people could have fit in Trunks's time machine, and time traveling takes a lot of battery power, which means the time machine would have to be recharged a bajazillion times. As far as reviving them, they would have to use the Namekian Dragon Balls, since Shenron can't revive anyone who died over a year before the wish was made.

They could but think about it...

1. They would probably just destroy everything on earth

2. Given their past lives, they after they sell the earth, they will first wish back planet veget also

3. After they wished back everything, they'll just begin their reign of terror again

GoldenBullet67214's Opinion

Well its not to late for Goku to get more wives and do like an Adam and Eve thing.

Interesting Idea

Even Goku said it himself that he wouldn't be around to protect the Earth and the universe from evil forever. And seeing as neither will Vegeta, Gohan, or Goten and Trunks, it would be interesting if the saiyans came back and were somehow reformed (bit of a stretch there, I know), and became protectors of the galaxy rather than conquorers. However, I don't think bringing back the saiyans killed by Frieza would be plausible, for reasons people have already stated. It took Vegeta nearly the whole series to reform, of course his case maybe unique because he was an elite and extremely arrogant. Saiyans like Bardock and his team would be easier to reason with. But how would Goku and his friends be able to change the evil ways of an entire race? I think it would be more plausible to have the z-fighters stumble upon saiyans who survived Vegeta's destruction and became more peaceful over the years. I don't know if this is canon or not, but it is believed that Planet Vegeta/Plant wasn't the original home planet of the saiyans and there maybe saiyans still out there along with their real home planet. 

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This topic was written by Goruto.

I like the time machine idea but there is one flaw.

If you get a saiyan from the past and bring it to the present then you will not have to bring a saiyan in the first place so then the saiyan will vanish and return to the past. It is called the Grandfather Paradox


Not all Saiyans are evil.--Aang13 (talk) 02:08, July 4, 2015 (UTC)



2. It would be cool but over the years or whatever the entire Earth would eventually become part saiyan but if they were to do it Bulma or Dr Brief would have to take several cell samples from pure saiyans like Goku, Vegeta, or Tarble and make a clone or something and send the clones to another side of the world so they would not meet the person they are a clone of.