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We all know that SSJ4 Gogeta is the most powerful character in the DB universe, and super Vegetto is the most powerful in DBZ...... but, what if Vegetto had a chance to go SSJ4? what do you think would happen? And also, what if SSJ4 Vegetto was the one who challenged Omega Shenron? I wonder..... Kakarot810 11:45, November 2, 2009 (UTC)kakarot 810

If SSJ4 Vegito ever happened, Omega Shenron wouldn't last five seconds. Think of the effect a blender has on a frog. As a result, DBGT would be made very short, which is probably why Vegito never happened again. Seeing as Gogeta very nearly killed him with an uncharged Big Bang Kamehameha, it is safe to assume that an uncharged Final Kamehameha from a SSJ4 Vegito would quite literally erase Omega Shenron from existence. Now we'll have to see if RB2 has SSJ4 Vegito as a What-If character, then we can test the theory =P.
--Flina the Intangible-- 12:05, March 26, 2010
Ssj4 Vegito might still be strong it would be ssj4 gogeta all over again. Final Kamehameha didn't kill Buu so,why would Omega die by that. Plus he would be toying with Omega too because ssj4 Gogeta and Vegito have the same personality.
Omega wouldn't hold a candle to Vegito. Vegito could beat him up with his pinky like, Gogeta.
You guys are all missing the most obvious factor here. Gogeta couldn't defeat Omega in the end because his fusion wore off. But since the Potara doesn't wear off....~ JordanTH 08:38, April 27, 2011 (UTC)