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Forum What if every villen turn good and every hero turn evil

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what if every villen turn good and hero turn evil? what would happan?

then z fighters will be ****ed up


Then like...

The villains that turned good would get killed, and the heroes that turned evil would rule the universe. Especially if they decided to turn evil when Vegetto was around...

WOow dat be epic...

OMG gogets or vegeto would rule the universe!!!!!! luv it... but wait wouldn't frieza be good? would he have a lady friend if he good?

This would happen...

Of course the world would end. Imagine Vegito running around. He could do anything, kill anyone, with so much aid at his side like Gotenks, Yamcha, Krillin ect.


Krillin! He would be the first to die!! Oh um I'll stop being evil if... BOOM! Bye Krillin


guys look the the facts i mean look imagine this if goku was evil he would try to rule the world right well he wouldnt have cared for training or partering up with vegita so thier wouldnt be any vegito or gogeta and if goku hadnt trained he wouldnt have even become a super saiyan ill tell ya if thats happens that means broly would have ruled cuz he was born a super saiyan so he would be the only super saiyan in the galaxy .

Your wrong

He's talking about after DBGT duuuuh.

Oh and

Broly wasn't born ssj