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Forum What would have happened if the Ginyu Force turned on Frieza?

The Ginyu Force was very loyal to their Lord Frieza. I’m thinking about what would have happened if they had planned a coup against him. One scenario could have been; Guldo using the Time Freeze on everyone except him and Ginyu. He could have changed bodies with Frieza to take control. I’m sure that he would have heavily damaged himself first before transferring bodies. It would have taken him awhile to get the full use of Frieza’s powers. The rest of the team could have put their strength’s together to defeat Frieza (in Ginyu’s body). Another way could have been that Ginyu simply took control of Frieza’s body when they came in close contact. Given the fact that possibly no one could escape the beam once it was launched. Even Piccolo was frozen stiff as Ginyu began the exchange. I think that Ginyu would have needed his team for help. Since Frieza put him on the team, I’m sure that he knew about his Body Change power. It would have been good to see what would have happened if he had do this to Frieza.Vegetaisthebest 16:31, December 7, 2009 (UTC)