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Forum Who was stronger; Bardock or King Vegeta?

I think Bardock is stronger because he was able to acheive SSJ and King Vegeta couldnt. Also in the movie Bardock: The Father of Goku, Bardock was said to be stronger than King Vegeta.

This question is a matter of power levels and emotions. Under normal circumstances I would say that King Vegeta would win hands down. “If he keeps this up he’s going to be even stronger than King Vegeta!” a quote from one of the doctors treating Bardock after the attack on Kanassa. They also made reference to his strength being around 10,000. Vegeta mentioned that he surpassed his father when he was still a child. His top power in the Saiyan Saga was 18,000 the same goes for Cui as well. Since he was a child when he went past his father I would say that King Vegeta’s power level was around the late 12,000/13,000-to possibly 14,000. So if Bardock and King Vegeta fought under normal circumstance I would say that King Vegeta would win. What I mean by normal circumstance is whether or not Bardock got furious. Whenever he got mad his power would go to incredible new heights. This is shown against 4 of Dodoria’s elites, the assault when he headed to Frieza’s ship, and the blast that he conjured up to attack Frieza. He reminds me of Gohan so much, and this trait may have been how Gohan gained the ability to gain boosts in power based on emotions. I think that Bardock’s power was probably up in the 15,000s or more! This is just my opinion so whatever others think is up to them as well. I think that this is made most evident on his trip to attack Frieza. Defeating 100s of elites in Frieza’s army while battle-damaged is a feat that few could accomplish in his time. King Vegeta was killed by Frieza so at the time I think that Bardock was the strongest Sayian at the time. Unless you count the power of baby Broly, and he was born with the same level of power as Bardock when he was being treated by the doctors! It was said that he was “born” SS, I think this means that he was born with the ability to go SS not that he came out as a SS. If you count Bardock to be canon then Broly would have to be as well because they are both movie characters. Although Bardock: The Father of Goku/The History of Trunks are both features rather than movies in my opinion. They are like background stories to the real story like the future Trunks came from and the story of one of Goku’s parents. The relationship between Bardock and King Vegeta reminds me of Goku and Vegeta. They are unknown of the existence of the other (Goku meets Vegeta eventually), one is a low-class fighter while the other is of royalty, and the Vegeta side was the first killed by Frieza while the Goku side put up a much more impressive assault. Not to mention that Goku and Bardock showed strength that exceeded that of Vegeta and King Vegeta. On Frieza’s ship Vegeta easily killed some of Frieza’s soldiers with his elites to kill him and take over the universe. However, one blow that looked to be an uppercut killed him. Bardock would probably do no better, but his death was more amazing. Like Goku, he was not fighting for selfish desires; saving the future of himself, his people, his son, and ending Frieza’s reign of tyranny. King Vegeta and his son both had the same desires; taking over the universe, killing Frieza for supremacy, and becoming the #1 Saiyan in the universe (King Vegeta was fearful over Broly, and Vegeta was in shock of Goku’s strength). I theory of Bardock and King Vegeta not knowing each other is evident in their special dialog in BT3, Bardock recognizes him as king. However, Vegeta refers to him as just common soldier. If Bardock was healed from his injuries from Dodoria’s Mouth Blast, the assault against Frieza’s soldiers and from some sort of freak explanation of him surviving the Death Ball his power would be beyond imagination! Let’s get real though he could have been healed from the damage from Dodoria’s and his elites. It is unknown how long it took Frieza to get to Planet Vegeta. Like the movie, it is unknown how long the Saiyan space pods trips were to Kanassa, Meat, and to Frieza’s ship. Though I do not think that Bardock could have been healed in time before Frieza came to the planet and if he did I think that his base power would be beyond that of King Vegeta. If it were King Vegeta vs. Bardock (enraged on his way to Frieza’s ship) I would say that Bardock would win. It would be like Kaio-Ken x3 vs. Vegeta if those two were to fight. Bardock would have a huge power boost, and King Vegeta would be in shock over the outcome of their battle. So the results of the fight would be heads and tails.Vegetaisthebest 21:34, December 19, 2009 (UTC)

vegeta was actually at the power level of around 18,000 when he was on earth facing goku, he was up and around 24-34,000 on namek meaning that his power level would have been significantly lower when he was younger, as he was constantly on the battle field since then, i would put king vegeta at like 11-12,000. thats not much higher than bardock being at 10,000, ignoring the near death smack down he got from dadoria, if he had healed from that, bardock would probably have been at a power level of around 16,000-20,000. bardock was the strongest saiyan when the planet exploded, unless youn include broly, however broly is not canon as the movies are not considered canon. bardock the father of goku was a special, not a movie and was considered canon by akira toriyama, so much so that he put bardock in the updated manga.


try and watch the REAL version of dbz then say all that bullshit. the japanese versions the only version you should count. and all we know is bardock is almost at ten thousand. we know NOTHING about king vegetas power except the fact that hes king and therefore must be strongest of his race.

bardock never got any zenkais from dodoria since he wasnt near death. and he wasnt fighting elites outside freezas ship, just regular grunts.

vegeta surpassed his father but we have no idea when.

"was considered canon by akira toriyama,"

no it isnt. he just got inspiration from it and stuck in a panel of bardock.

Bardock is stronger only with his elite if goku and bardock and his elite no one will die i mean frieza killed king vegeta with on punch to the jaw frieza used a death ball to sort of kill bardock but destroyed planet vegeta

Bardock is way stronger because he didnt die when frieza used a death ball on him and planet vegeta king vegeta died when frieza punched him in the jaw in my opinion king vegeta should be a low class saiyan warrior and bardock should have been a saiyan elite warrior so what if their power levels are different from each other bardock is way stronger

SSJ Bardock

Bardock all the way. Not just because he's a much cooler character, but because it's true. I'm guessing his power might have gotten up to maybe even 20,000 while fighting his way up to Frieza. I just wish Goku had met him. When Frieza said "Now I remember. You look just like that saiyan I had a skirmish with before I destroyed the planet. You must be his offspring." and Goku said "I don't care." It broke my heart. I wish they met

If you think Ep. of Bardock is Canon, Bardock wins.

I dont really think that bardocks power level would have reached 20,000 when he fought frieza. Don't get me wrong when he got beat up from dedoria on planet meat his power level sky rocketed, but not that far. So if bardock fought king vegeta when he is a ssj, bardock wins no doubt. By the way, when goku said he didn't care, I think he was just saying that he didn't care that frieza beat his father, cause goku thought his fight with frieza would turn out differently than when bardock fought frieza.SonGoten77 (talk) 01:18, November 22, 2012 (UTC)

Hard to say..

We never really get a grasp of King Vegeta's power level, as he is never shown in a real fight, though we do know that he is signifiacantly weaker than Frieza who was at 530,000. We do know that Bardock is at 10,000 though. It is hard to tell, but in an actual fight I would think that Bardock would win. He was able to survive against Dodoria who was atleast twice as strong as him.

SSJ3Vegetto (talk) 18:30, November 22, 2012 (UTC)

I think Bardock wins because in the Bardock movie, it said Bardock was stronger. 23:22, January 18, 2013 (UTC)

Bardock is

If Ep. Of Bardock is canon, then Bardock would be stronger as he went super Saiyan in it and also on planet plant he was very injured and probably go Zenkai


Bardock, because in the Bardock movie it said Bardock was stronger than King Vegeta. 23:23, January 18, 2013 (UTC)

No, It. Did. Not.  Stop spreading misinformation.  The docters commenting on his progress said "If he keeps this up he'ss surpass King Vegeta."  This implies that Bardock was, at least at that time, weaker than King Vegeta.  Also the Diaz puts Bardock at around 10k (which is much stronger than the average elite sayian, so im not saying Bardock is a chump) while putting King vegeta slightly over 13k.

We did see King Vegeta fight...

King Vegeta fought off Freeza's low-class soldiers when he stormed Freeza's ship to rescue Kid Vegeta (yes, I know it was filler), and was immobilized for a few seconds when a group of soldiers dog-piled him. Also, he had enough power to kill a standard low-class Saiyan soldier, but again that isn't a great feat of strength either. Bardock was able to defeat Dodoria's Elite AND survive a mouth energy wave, then, while wounded, fought off hundreds of Freeza's soldiers (WAY more than King Vegeta did) so if you accept the filler clip of King Vegeta in Freeza's ship Bardock is stronger.

King Vegetas strong too, I'm not saying that he isn't strong. Of course he is! He's a saiyan, but Bardock is stronger because in the movie Bardock Father of goku it said Bardock was stronger than King Vegeta. 23:23, January 18, 2013 (UTC)

It could go either way

According to the episode of bardock special, with the Zenkai he got after healing from freiza's blast, he was probably close to or on par with king vegeta. When he goes super saiyan it's no competition obviously.

Otherwise king vegeta is stronger.--Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 22:50, January 8, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96

They're both strong, but I think Bardock would probably win if he fights King Vegeta because he can turn SSJ. 23:58, January 18, 2013 (UTC)


King Veggie could be 10x stronger than Bardock, but we'd have no way of proving it. The only time he was shown "fighting" is when he got owned by Frieza in one hit. It's hard to gauge his power level from that. Tokeupdude (talk) 08:40, January 19, 2013 (UTC)

The saiyans are a kind of race that power is everything, given time King Vegeta might surpass bardock.Bardock's ability to get stronger when he comes close to death is activated alot more because he actually fights alot more. To be king means you have natural talent. Vegeta is a better fighter than Goku because he's a natural tactition. I imagine that this is the same for the king and Bardock.

Tokeupdude, I just stated that King Vegeta did fight other than against Frieza. He fought Frieza's lower class guards BEFORE he challenged Frieza (landing a few punches and kicks before blasting them with Orga Blaster) and lost in one hit.

It's been a long time since I've watched the anime. Tokeupdude (talk) 22:47, February 7, 2013 (UTC)

^ Also, during his fight with Frieza's low-class soldiers King Vegeta was dog-piled by multiple soldiers (WAY less than Bardock fought; and Bardock was overwhelming said soldiers) and King Vegeta had difficulty getting them off for a few seconds. King Vegeta's only official kills prior to his death by Frieza were those few low-class soldiers on Frieza's ship and when he executed a low-class Saiyan soldier with Execution Beam after the Saiyan soldier told him that they couldn't conquer a planet due to a three-day waiting period until the planet's full moon appeared (this was in the anime as well). Again, not a great feat of strength. King Vegeta attempted to kill Paragus with an Execution Beam, but this failed to kill Paragus. And even though it hasn't been proven, I believe Bardock might have had enough power to kill Paragus.

It stated King Vegeta's Power level was 10,000 while Bardocks was almost there, But In the Filler Bardock Did Go SSJ and kill Chiller CN  Leave Me A Message  Contribs      23:46, February 7, 2013 (UTC)


frieza killed king vegeta with one punch 

and bardock survived a whole death ball/supernova to the face 

and if you count the the episode of bardock as cannon which it is then bardocks stronger.

EDIT: The episode of Bardock going SSJ is NOT cannon, meaning it never happened. It was FAN-MADE.

They are both about 10,000 ---

In the "Bardock Special" it clearly states that King Vegeta and Bardock were roughly around 10,000. The doctors claimed that if Bardock kept coming back the way he was, that he might have even passed King Vegeta's power-level. People state that King Vegeta didn't do nearly as much damage as Bardock caused during the rebelion against Lord Frieza, but it should be noted that King Vegeta didn't want to destroy Frieza's ship (since he thought the prince was onboard) so he held back some power. My point is; King Vegeta and Bardock were both around the same power-level (that of around 10,000)... And of coase, if you count the "Episode of Bardock"; Bardock as a Super Saiyan is undoubtably more powerful than King Vegeta...

Legendary Yosho

Bardock is stronger he was the first super saiyan ever. King Vegeta died against first form Frieza with one punch. And yeah ss Bardock is cannon.

Bardock Zenkai

The fool saying that Bardock didn't get any Zenkai what so ever after Dondoria encountered.Please explain to me why Dondoria/Zarbon was shocked about how strong Bardock was when Bardock attacked Freiza army. Also explain to me why Bardock supposed attacked from Zarbon who's twice his power level and was 'left' for dead to not be enough to be considered near death experience. When someone leave you for dead,it implys that you survived a near death experience.

Bardock no competition. I mean bardock almost beat frieza and king vegeta just put on a mean face and tried to be intimidating

Lmao, Bardock didnt almost beat anyone.  He shot one blast and it got eaten by Friezas own. 

Bardock ssj

Actually Bardock ssj has not been announced canon or non canon because toonami made that episode. But bardock would still beat King Vegeta because King vegeta was way weaker than Frieza and when Vegeta was a child he was stronger than his dad.

King Vegeta

If you only consider canon events king Vegeta would defenetly win since he is a high class saiyan and Bardok is  a low class, regardless that king vegeta's son(Vegeta) is stronger than him as child. If you consider non-canon events too them Bardock wins because he turns into a ssj. I mean, think about it. King Vegeta is king 'cause of heritage but anyone could overtake his throne if they are strong enough. Why doesn't Any abitious saiyan just overtake the throne. It's not like we can be 100% sure anyways of who is stronger anyways, Frieza defeated them both Easily.  ~GAPIntoTheGame