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Parameters 'ALTTEXT', 'CATS', et. al.
1. This template (originally) includes the head-end (includeonly) part of Category:Tracking categories with a more normal application name, and takes a parameter 'ALTTEXT' which is inserted after that templates simple message for purpose and such. It places both in an attractive blue box. (above)Template:I2
2. It also auto-categorizes to and any categories specified by the parameter 'CATS=', which data need be full wiki-links with pipe-tricks.Template:I2
3. Parameter 'inhibit', when defined to anything, suppresses auto-categorization of the page to the Category:Tracking categories. This is for self use on that category, and for cases when there are sub-categories under a common sub-category of Tracking categories. Template:I2An 'inhibit' example: Template:I5Categories for discussion has the sub-categories 'for merging', 'for renaming', and 'for deletion', all as sub-cats. So 'Inhibit' is used in those so they cat as sub-categories of 'for discussion', not of 'Tracking Categories' which already contains 'for discussion'.

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