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Directory: TechniquesSupportive techniques

100% Activation is an ability used by Frieza in his Final Form in order to utilize his 100% Power.



Frieza after using his 100% Activation

Frieza powers up with a yellow aura around his body to increase his power. Once the state is activated, a white and purple aura appears around his body.

Frieza power up to his 100% Power form while fighting Super Saiyan Goku, after using his "Destroy The Planet!" in order to cause Namek's core to begin detonating. Frieza later powers down from his 100% Power form to his 50% Power form to battle Gohan, but reuses his 100% Power form again when Goku returns.

Appearances in games

100% Activation was named in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, where Frieza uses his regular Final Form to reach his 100% power without enlarging his muscles. The power up increases Frieza's attack power.

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