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7 Years Since That Event! Starting Today, Gohan is a High Schooler (あれから7年!今日から悟飯は高校生, Are Kara 7 Nen! Kyō Kara Satoru Meshi wa Kōkōsei) is the ninety-ninth episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai, and the first episode of the series return in 2014. Its Japanese air date was April 6, 2014.


Seven years have passed since the battle with Cell, and Gohan, now a high school student, begins commuting to Orange Star High School in Satan City. But he comes across a bank robbery in the city, and takes care of the robbers after becoming Super Saiyan. His Super Saiyan form becomes known as the "Golden-Haired Warrior" and rumors spread. Attending school, Gohan becomes classmates with Mr. Satan's daughter, Videl. Gohan tries to be inconspicuous in order to hide his true identity, but he stands out in gym class, and instead becomes the center of attention. After school, Gohan consults Bulma on how to hide his identity. Bulma creates a watch-shaped transformation item to conceal Gohan's identity.[1]


  • The last broadcast episode of Dragon Ball Kai aired on 27 March 2011, leaving a three-year gap between the broadcast of the ending of the Cell arc and the beginning of the Majin Buu arc. This three-year gap on Fuji TV was filled by Toriko, a series based on Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro's shonen manga about gourmet eating which ran for 147 episodes.[1]
  • Besides a single shot of Son Gohan defeating Cell in the recap at the beginning of the episode, there were no re-animated scenes in this episode.[1]
  • The footage used in the first phase of Dragon Ball Kai (Saiyan to Cell arcs) was scanned and remastered by Q-TEC, whereas the footage of the Majin Buu arc has been scanned and remastered internally by Toei. Because of this, there is a notable difference between the footage.[1]


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