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A Black Day for Planet Earth is the fifteenth episode of the Saban dub of Dragon Ball Z, and the fifteenth episode of their version of the Saiyan Saga.



Shenron is summoned

Goku's final day of training with King Kai in Other World has arrived, prompting Goku to review the techniques King Kai has taught him, notably the Spirit Bomb and Kaio-ken. The time comes for Goku to depart for Earth, and so he contacts Master Roshi telepathically by placing his hand on King Kai's back.

Meanwhile, Roshi is using the bathroom, causing his guests Bulma, Oolong and Puar to believe the man is delirious as he is seemingly talking to himself. Here, Goku tells Roshi that he is ready to be revived by Shenron in order to face the Saiyan threat, which is only days away from reaching Earth. Master Roshi gives Goku his word and rushes out of the bathroom to get the Dragon Balls.

Before the group summons the Eternal Dragon, Oolong suggests that they take the opportunity to wish death on the Saiyans, and then that they may then revive Goku another year, but he is informed death-wishes exceed the power of Kami, the one responsible for creating the Dragon Balls. Shenron is summoned, and thus Goku has his life restored.


Nappa & Vegeta after arriving on Earth

Meanwhile, in Other World, Goku's halo disappears and King Kai bestows on him a gi sporting his own symbol, to represent the training Goku has done under the Kai. King Kai then remembers that he has not configured into his training agenda the time necessary for Goku to return to Earth, and so he presses Goku to get moving. After Goku departs, Gregory confesses that he believes Goku may be stronger than King Kai, but King Kai defends his pride by saying that he is still funnier in the least. As Goku speedily flies back down and retraces his steps down Snake Way, two Saiyan Pods crash into the center of a large city, signaling the arrival of the Saiyans.


  • With this episode Saban and FUNimation started ramping up their censorship as this episode marked the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa on Earth and beginning of the ensuing battle.
  • It is stated in this dub that the section of the city that Nappa destroys was evacuated, presumably to cover up the fact that he just killed people.
  • This episode contains the infamous line "Too bad it's Sunday, those buildings would have been full tomorrow".
  • A Toilet door sign saying "Occupied" has been digitally painted over.


  • Nappa and Vegeta look different than they did in previous episodes, and retain this look through the rest of their episodes. Vegeta's hair changes from brown to black, and his armor changes from green and orange to white and gold. Nappa's armor changes from black and brown to blue and gold.
  • The calendar by the toilet at Kame House has 1989 as the year, which is the same year that Dragon Ball Z and this episode unedited counterpart, "Counting Down", first aired in Japan.