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A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles! is the thirteenth episode of the Saiyan Saga and the thirteenth overall episode of the Saban dub for the Dragon Ball Z series.


Kingkaiplanet pioneerDVD

King Kai's Planet

The real King Kai tells Goku a few jokes, and Goku does not get them at all. Goku says that he wants to be trained by him. King Kai says that he does not accept pupils that have no sense of humor, and Goku immediately starts laughing at the previous jokes. King Kai tells him that he must tell him a joke worthy of his laughter, or he can go home. So Goku tells King Kai a couple jokes, and King Kai's dull sense of humor gets the best of him, because he laughs at the jokes as if they were the funniest ones ever.


Goku finally catches Bubbles

Goku asks why he feels so heavy, and King Kai tells him that the planet they are on is ten times the gravity of Earth. Goku says that he wanted to be trained in martial arts, and not comedy, and tells King Kai about the whole Saiyan dilemma. King Kai tracks the Saiyan using his antennae, and tells Goku that they are 158 days away from Earth, and that 158 days on his planet equal several thousand years of training on Earth. King Kai tells him to catch Bubbles, or else he will not train him, so Goku starts after the monkey. He realizes that his weighted clothing are pinning him down, so he discards them and does exceptionally better, but still can not master the gravity. Goku sits down in defeat, and asks for food, since he claims he can perform better with a full stomach. King Kai feeds Goku a large feast, and Goku gets up ready to go. He runs off, but King Kai stops him and tells him to put the weighted clothes back on, since the Saiyan's home planet has the same gravity as his does, and that is where they trained. Goku tells him not to worry, since he's a Saiyan too, and runs off.

Meanwhile, Piccolo and Gohan still train, and Gohan is getting better. Piccolo throws Gohan in the river, but when he asks for help, Piccolo takes him out of the river and starts fighting him again, showing no mercy. At night, Gohan tells Piccolo that he does not think he is as evil as before, which certainly angers Piccolo. He orders Gohan to go to bed, and tells him that he will not be as nice tomorrow.

Meanwhile, three weeks pass and Goku is still chasing Bubbles. He has adapted to the gravity quite well. He has little difficulty moving around now. After several failed attempts, he manages to strategize a way to catch Bubbles. He turns around and intersects with Bubbles. Bubbles evades, and the two of them engage in a game of cat and mouse until Goku finally catches Bubbles. King Kai is very pleased with Goku's progress, as is Goku. King Kai thinks that Goku may be the first person ever to master the Kaio-ken fighting style.


  • The title of this episode is a direct translation of its Japanese title.
  • Starting with this episode, every title card in the Saban dub would have the same music. Prior to this episode the music for the title card varied from episode to episode.