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[A Legend Revealed appears]

[This scene starts with a defeated Recoome, as Goku looks at Jeice and Burter]

Goku: You two! I'm warning you, leave this planet now and don't ever come back! I don't want to fight you, but I will if I have to! And if it comes to that, I promise you that you'll be joining your friend here on the ground! Understand me!?

Jeice: [snickers] Oy! Did you hear that, Burter? This guy gives him one lucky punch and he thinks he can take on the Ginyu force.

Burter: Yeah, Jeice. I think he must have hit himself in the head pretty hard when he land it here. He got Recoome by surprise. That's all. That doesn't make him tough. Just lucky. Right?

Jeice: Right. I'm surprise he got a punch in it all. This guy's power level is way to pathetic to be a challenge.

Krillin: Man. I don't like this at all. We'd better get ready Gohan.

Gohan: Right. Come on dad.

[wind blows]

Jeice: Hm.

Burter: Yeah.

[they get ready to jump on to another rubble and faces Goku]


Burter: [poses] I am your worst nightmare! Prepare your self for [poses again] Burter!

Goku: You wanna dance, or fight.

Vegeta: Do it, Kakarot.

[Burter and Jeice jumps to the rubble]

Jeice: Ready?

Burter: Set...

Jeice: [dashes] GO!

[Burter dashes and gets to Goku and continues dashing]

Burter: Over here.

[they continue dashing at Goku over and over]

Jeice: Burter!

Burter: What!?

Jeice: What's the deal with this guy? He won't even make a move!

Burter: I don't know, Jeice. I guess he's scared stiff.

Jeice: Gotcha! I bet the poor guy's shaking in his boots!

Krillin: Man, I don't understand this! Is Goku just gonna stand there and leave himself open for their attack.

Burter: Hey! Yo! Jeice! This guy's a city duck. Go ahead and put it to him.

Jeice: Right. You take the lead, Burter and I'll be right behind you.

[Burter shocked starts to land on the ground and uses a blue energy ball and is deflected and hits the rubble, Jeice uses ki blasts at Goku with no effect]

Krillin: GOKU! NO!

[he and Gohan dodge the blasts, Vegeta shocked, Goku had no effect on Burter and Jeice's attack]

Vegeta: [thinks] Incredible. If I wasn't seeing this with my own eyes.

Jeice: I've had enough of this! Think it's time to throw some pain in the baby.

[they land on the ground facing Goku]

Jeice: I'm sick of your little games. We are the Gin-

[Goku punches Jeice in the face, he screams, and Burter freaks out, he starts crying]

Jeice: [furious] How dare you.

Goku: [surprised] How dare I what? Weren't the two you were just trying to attack me?

Jeice:'ll...I'LL DESTROY YOU!!!

[They attack as Goku blocks their attack and he kicks them]

Jeice: He's-

Burter: Dead meat!

[Goku starts screaming and pushes Jeice and Burter away]

Jeice: There's no way! Where did he get that power!?

Krillin: He just channeled his power into some sort of blast!

[outside of Namek, the mountain explodes with Frieza riding on a hoverboard and laughs]

Frieza: They are dastardly those foolish Namekians. Do they truly think they can outsmart the great Frieza? Well, we'll just see about that. This little snag has only postponed the inevitable. Very soon, I'll meet the secret to using the dragon balls out of one of those green pest. And then nothing to stop me from making my wish! [laughs maniacally]

[End of Act 1]

Act 2

[on Guru's house, with Guru sleeping]

Dende: Oh, Guru. It's been quite a while since Nail left. I wonder what's going on. I feel so helpless. [looks at the window] Please, Nail. We need our help. Hurry.

[ouside of Namek]

Captain Ginyu: Gentlemen, you can't make it as a Ginyu on brute strength alone! A Ginyu must be able to show cases grand your fabulous strength and variety of poses! NOW! [they freak out] IT'S YOUR TURN! I WANNA SEE YOU MEN STRIKE A POSE!! WATCH!! Captain Ginyu! Got it? You look like a much a hood ornaments the purpose of striking of posers. Not to become a wallpaper! That's why we chant loudly when we pose to draw attention to our magnificence. I know. I'll just have to raise a states a little bit. [takes out a candy] The best poser gets a candy. No do it! Let's go! Ginyu!

Struck: Struck here.

Captain Stroll: Captain Stroll!

Goose: Goose.

Foggers: Foggers.

Captain Giynu: Sound off!

Together: now feel the power of...

Captain Ginyu: The Ginyu Force.

[they get freaked out]

Captain Ginyu: So, you're a Captain, too?

[punches Captain Stroll away]

Captain Ginyu: There's only one captain of the Ginyu Force, and that's me!

[soldier touches the dragon ball with his feet]

Captain Ginyu: IDIOT! YOU TOUCHED THE DRAGON BALL! Didn't I specifically say before starting this Triant. Not to touch any of the dragon balls! Well, didn't I!?

[grabs Triant]

Triant: Yes.

Captain Ginyu: Did you?

Triant: Well, uh. Yes.

Captain Ginyu: Okaay

[throws Triant away]

Captain Ginyu: Congratulations, gentlemen! You managed to survived the first cut. But...

[points the Dragon Balls]

Captain Ginyu: I'm afraid tryouts are over. You're all tough guys that's true. But, you lacked a one thing that's all Ginyu's a part. [giggles] Style. [laughing] Oh and gentlemen. One more thing. Run for your lives.

[they run away and Ginyu punches a men and another men and another men]

Captain Ginyu: Don't feel ashamed men. I gave the same farewell cargo to everyone who tries out for the Ginyu Force and doesn't make it. And remember... [throws Goose away] Style! [punches Froggers away, and laughs]

[scene starts with Jeice and Burter frustrated with Goku, with the wind blows, they start to fight with Goku as Jeice freaks out and stops lunging and jumps, and Burter stops lunging and jumps to the rubble]

Jeice: [about Goku] What is it with this guy? Burter and I are coming at him from every angle, but he's not dodging. Not even lifting a finger. He's really pissing me off.

[Vegeta Growls]

Gohan: You know, Krillin. I just don't think these guys are powerful as we thought they were. My dad hasn't even fought back.

Krillin: I'm not so sure.


Jeice: No one ignores me like that. No one!

[he yells and lunges at Goku and punches him but no effect on him, so as Burter's punches]

Krillin: No way. They can't even touch him. His speed is incredible I hardly see him moving! Those two guys! They're about to find out how powerful Goku is the hard way.

Gohan: I. I don't know. Two against one and they're both so strong.

[they fly up]

Jeice: [checks Goku's power level] I don't understand. His power level's only five thousand. I'm sure of it. But my attacks don't even faze him.

Vegeta: It's obvious that Kakarot does raising his power level so quickly they aren't able to detect it. He's not even breaking a sweat. It's unbelievable. How did he become so strong, so fast?

[Jeice keeps checking Goku's power level]

Vegeta; Those scouters won't help them. Even if they knew his power level they still wouldn't be able to stop him. But where did his powers come from? I must know! But there's a way to become a Super Saiyan. I must find it out!

Burter: That punk! No one makes a fool of Burter and lived to tell about it! [to Jeice] Hey Jeice! It's time for the Purple Spiral Flash!

Jeice: The Purple Spiral Flash, huh? Good idea. Right Burter, let's do it! Now!

Burter: Right.

[he powers up and Jeice also powers up and they spin using the purple spiral blasting beams at Goku, he starts yelling, continuous beam attacks start shooting the ground]

Jeice: What's happening!?

[to the cliffs]

Bulma; I've had it! [takes off the headphones] What do they think they're doing me leaving me here alone like this!? It's inexcusable! This is not how to treat a lady! This place is ruining my complexion! The first thing they're gonna do to get back is take me home! Don't they have any idea how weak and defenseless I am? I'm too delecate for this! [pause] I missed her.

[hears a comet and it starts hitting Bulma and the rocks with the TV ruined and her stuff ruined, and Bulma gets out of the rocks]


[scene starts with Burter furious, and Jeice also angry]

Jeice: We didn't even touch him!

Burter: [calling Jeice] Jeice, come in! Jeice! Do you here me?

Jeice: Yeah Burter, I got you!

Burter: I got a new plan! Use the fire Crusher Ball. Right? When you fire it, I'm sure he'll jump out of the way to evade it.

Jeice: That's your plan?

Burter: I wasn't through! When he jumps, I'll sneak in and crash him from behind. He might be fast, but I'm the fastest warrior in the universe.

Jeice: Gotcha, mate. [to Goku] This is what you get for messing with the Ginyu. [powers up] CRUSHER...

[yellow ball comes out of his hand]

Jeice: BAALLLLLL!!!!

[the ball grows big as he throws]

Burter: Dodge you punk!

[the Crusher Ball is about to hit Goku]

Burter: Jump now! What are you doing!?

[Goku deflects the Crusher Ball with Jeice, Burter, Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta freak out]

Jeice: He deflected it!!

[the Crusher Ball is bout to hit Burter and he dodges it]

Burter: [upset] DAMN YOU!! [lunges at Goku and Goku disappears] Help?

[he looks around as Jeice freaks out]

Burter: Hey, where did he go?

Jeice: Look out behind you!

[Goku is behind Burter]

Burter: [screams]

Jeice: [freaks out]

Burter: [screaming] Be merciful.

Goku: Hi.

Narrator: Goku certainly seems to have the upper hand. But the battle has only just begun. Could Vegeta be right? Has Goku through training and sheer will become a thing of legend? A Super Saiyan? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!


End of Act 2