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A New Friend (泣くな悟飯! はじめての闘い。, Naku na Gohan! Hajimete no Tatakai; lit. Don’t Cry Gohan! His First Fight) is the tenth episode of the Vegeta Saga in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on July 5, 1989. Its original American air date was June 28, 2005.




For the past five years, Yamcha has been working on the side as a professional baseball player for the Taitans. In the middle of a game, he is pulled out of a brawl by Krillin with the news of Goku's death and the upcoming attack of Raditz's companions. The two of them, and Puar, meet up with Bulma, who still has not forgiven Yamcha for their last breakup, and leave for their rendezvous with Kami in one of her capsule hovercars.


Gohan treats his new friend

Meanwhile, Gohan accidentally shares a cave with an injured Apatosaurus, and after a fright, tends to its wound with a treatment his father taught him. Suddenly, while he is away gathering medicine, the carnivorous Paozusaurus that pursued Gohan earlier attacks the wounded Apatosaurus. Gohan leaps to the wounded dinosaur's defense with his new sword, but is no match, and as the boy is knocked unconscious the unlucky dinosaur is eaten.