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Narrator: Previously on Dragon Ball Z: The inhabitants of Earth faced the most terrifying foe they'd ever seen, and it seemed nothing would remain. But Goku and Vegeta made a desperate final stand. Then, Goku summoned a massive Spirit Bomb, drawing on energy from all the revived people of Earth, who rallied to help because of Mr. Satan's plea. And as more energy flowed in from across the universe, this mighty Spirit Bomb proved too powerful for even the destructive alien magic of Majin Buu. Six months later, using the power of the Dragon Balls, humankind's memories of Buu's terror and destruction were erased, and the planet has enjoyed several more months of peace/

Narrator: A Peacetime Reward! Who Gets the 100,000,000 Zeni?!

(Goku drives a tractor on an empty field, dressed in a farmer's outfit. Suddenly, we hear the tractor bump into something and grind to a dead stop.)

Goku: Huh?

(Cut to a view of the back of the tractor being caught on a stump. Goku sighs and gets up to try and uproot the stump with his bare hands, but it won't come out of the ground.)

Goku: You just won't let go, will ya, stump? You're about as stubborn as Vegeta.

(Goku chuckles as he pulls the stump right out of the earth and tosses it aside.)

Goten (o.c.): Hey, daaaaad!

Goku: Huh?

(We see Goten flying in from the distance carrying a long box wrapped in a purple bag.)

Goten: I brought you luuuunnch!

(Goten lands on the field in front of his father.)

Goku: Oh, hey! Kinda early for school to be out, isn't it Goten?

(Goku takes the box from Goten.)

Goten: No, dad, this is Sunday!

Goku: Wow, it is? [chuckles]

(Goku gestures to the tractor behind him with his thumb)

Goku: Well, then you wanna drive the tractor for me while I eat?

Goten: Okay, sure!

(We see Goku pull the lid off of the box.)

Goku: I love lunch so much!

(We see a very generous helping of assorted foods in several red boxes that were all inside of the purple bag. Goku can hardly contain his excitement.)

(Goku sets the lid down and joins his hands together in a quick prayer.)

Goku: Thanks for the grub!

(After a brief pause, Goku starts digging in as he makes short work of the first two boxes. He then eats two more handfuls of food and starts choking for a moment. Goten gets out of the tractor to pat his dad's back to help the food go down. Goten then gets back into the tractor as Goku eats from two more boxes face-first, and ends the meal by washing it down with a drink from a small cup.)

(Goku places the lid back on the final lunch box.)

Goku: That was awesome!

(Goku stands up, fueled up and ready to go.)

Goku: All right.

(Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan with a powerful shout from three different angles. We see Goten driving the tractor as we hear Goku grunting a few yards away as he trains. Goten veers off course a little as he distractedly watches his father train. The tractor starts to roll over a cliff as Goten looks down to see a dense forest below. Goten reacts in fear as the tractor goes tumbling over the edge.)

(Goku notices Goten's cries as the tractor plummets down the cliff. He uses his Instant Transmission technique to teleport a few yards below the tractor and flies up to catch it in one hand.)

Goku: Look, Goten. You've gotta drive a little better than that or I can't focus on my training.

Goten: Do you really think you have to keep training?

Goku: Yeah.

(Goku continues to answer Goten as he ascends back up to the cliff to let the tractor down back on the ground.)

Goku: Majin Buu was ridiculously strong. There's no way I could've stopped him on my own. And you never know, one day someone even stronger could show up. So I've gotta keep training... to keep you guys safe. Make sense?

Goten: Eh, guess so...

(The tractor finally reaches the ground as Goku leans against it to keep talking to his son.)

Goku: The truth is... I'd like to go to King Kai's planet and do some hardcore training. But your mom's not quite sold on it.

(We see a flashback of Chi-Chi angrily responding to Goku's request.)

Chi-Chi: Not a chance, you need to work! YOU'RE GONNA EARN THIS FAMILY SOME MONEY FOR ONCE!!!

(The flashback ends as Goten looks up at his dad sympathetically.)

Goten: Yeah, sometimes I think she must be the strongest on the planet. And I guess she has a point since all of grandpa's treasures burned up in that fire, there's not much money left.

(Cut to Goten's grandpa, Ox-King, slurping ramen noodles in his house. He turns to face the camera, confused that someone's watching him.)

(Cut back to Goten and Goku, as we see a shot of a bird soaring through the sky.)

Goten: But mom says there are ways you can make decent money, dad. You know, like if you did the kinda stuff Mr. Satan does.

Goku: Maybe. But I like being out here where I can sneak in a little training at least.

(Pan to a zoomed out shot of the field, which is peppered with craters from Goku's training and swerving tire tracks from Goten's driving.)

Goten: I'm not sure I'd call it "sneaking in", this field is kind of a mess.

Goku: [chuckles] Yeah.

(Cut to a scene of a small yellow planet in deep space. We then see a green boar-like alien man with a crown barge into a kitchen.)

Alien King: What's takin' so long?! Bring it all in, quickly!

(We see a bunch of alien chefs busy in the kitchen. They work even faster after their king had ordered them to pick up the pace.)

(Cut to a scene of Whis from behind, standing beside a large ornate dining room chair where an unknown creature with a tail and light purple skin is seated in front of a large table. Servants finish up setting the table as two enormous platters of eccentric alien cuisine are lowered down onto its surface.)

Alien King: Lord Beerus... Please, help yourself to this royal feast!

(Cut to Whis from the front, looking unimpressed with the arrangements. Lord Beerus is barely visible in the chair, poring over the food.)

Alien King: Each course has been meticulously crafted by our world's finest chefs, and I can assure you their creations are the definition of exquisite!

(Cut to a close-up shot of Lord Beerus' left eye. Like Whis, he appears to be less than impressed with the food presented to him.)

Lord Beerus: Is that so? Well...

(We get a closer look at the spread of food on the table. Most notably, a large fish with protruding eyes and wedges of fruit soaking in a pool of purple juice, and what appears to be a soufflé with a three headed creature baked inside, bearing tongues that have mouths of their own. There is also a red, octopus-like creature with a single giant eye resting inside of a bowl.)

(Lord Beerus picks up a squishy green ball from the spread and pinches down on it to get a closer look at the blue and pink tendrils leaking out of it. The alien king wrings his hands together nervously.)

(A fork jabs gently at a plate of purple slug-like creatures with green stripes.)

(A cat-like nose and mouth are seen sniffing at a plate of sliced, scaly meat.)

Whis: Please remember your manners, Lord Beerus.

(A fork taps on the rim of a goblet-shaped glass containing a purple, gelatinous substance with sliced fruit on top.)

Lord Beerus (o.c.) And what's this?

(We see the view quickly shift to a couple of chefs standing at attention. The one responsible for the particular cuisine nervously straightens himself and lets out a frightened shriek as he answers loudly.)

Alien Chef: It's a -- a completely organically grown flash pasteurized small batch serving of a la planetaisé, your mighty lordship!

Lord Beerus (o.c.): "A la pra" -- "al" -- "ala pl"—Are you serious? What an insufferable name.

(The chef goes blue in the face after hearing Lord Beerus' displeasure.)

(Lord Beerus picks up the glass of a la planetaisé and dumps the contents into his mouth. He chews it for a moment and then swallows.)

(The chefs are anxiously waiting for Lord Beerus' verdict, but the king is able to hold it together...)

Lord Beerus (o.c.): Hmm... Tastier than I expected. The use of salt is... divine.

(The alien king is relieved to hear this.)

Alien King: Uhh... Thank you, my lord. So you won't...

Lord Beerus (o.c.): However...

(The alien king shudders in fear again.)

Lord Beerus: There's a greasy mouth feel, which is odd for what I assume is... dessert? Tell you what, I'll only take half.

Alien King: "Half," my lord?

(Lord Beerus' hand is all that's visible as he taps his index finger on the table once, and a ring of destructive purple energy pulsates from the tapped spot.)

(Cut to the same view of the yellow planet from earlier. A purple halo of energy shines out from the equator and gives way to a flash of light as the right half of the planet explodes in a cloud of purple smoke. Lord Beerus and Whis observe the planet's destruction from a distance.)

Whis: A bit harsh for food you called "tasty." Wouldn't you say, my lord?

(Cut to a frontal view of Whis, and Lord Beerus for the first time. Lord Beerus picks at his teeth with his index finger as he answers his assistant.)

Lord Beerus: All that grease is unhealthy. Makes you sluggish all day.

(Lord Beerus removes his finger and stares coldly at the remains of the planet.)

Lord Beerus: I've done this galaxy a favor.

(Cut to a view of Satan City, with its sign featuring Hercule front and center.)

Reporter #1 (o.c.): Mr. Satan, can we get a quote?!

(Cut to a view of a large gold statue built in Mr. Satan's honor as camera flashes go off rapidly in front of it.)

(We now see the swarm of reporters marveling at Mr. Satan from inside his home.)

Reporter #1: How do you feel about receiving the grand prize from the World Peace Assembly? Do you agree they should have done it sooner?

(We now see Mr. Satan seated on a curved pink couch in a suit and bow tie. His faithful dog Bee is curled up on the same couch right next to him.)

Reporter #2: Over here, sir! Let me get some quick shots!

(Mr. Satan holds up his hand to silence the reporters. They all fall silent and watch in awe as he stands from his seat, never once opening his eyes.)

Mr. Satan: I've prepared a statement which I'll now state. I'm proud to say world peace on Earth is now officially permanetized. I say this humbly: We've had zero new alien invaders since I bravely saved us all. That's clearly because the word of my musclebound heroics has spread to the stars. I can see it now...!

(Mr. Satan's background fades into a view of outer space with celestial bodies decorating the cosmos. The reporters are hanging on to his every word.)

Mr. Satan: Villains throughout the cosmos now quiver in fear, knees buckling at the unbridled power of Mr. Satan!

(Mr. Satan demonstrates his strength by punching and kicking randomly to get the crowd going again.)

(Cut to a darkened view of a room with bar stools as Majin Buu steps into view from behind.)

(We see Mr. Satan laughing maniacally at his worldly success as Majin Buu opens a door and spoils the whole thing.)

Majin Buu: What the deal? Buu hungry!

(Mr. Satan's face falls at this unwanted intrusion. The reporters are every bit as stunned as he is. Mr. Satan shakily turns his head to Buu as Caroni turns off the spotlight.)

(We see Buu glaring angrily at Mr. Satan with his eyes closed as his stomach grumbles loudly.)

Mr. Satan (o.c.): Buu!

(Buu walks over to Mr. Satan, clutching his starving stomach with one hand.)

Reporter #1: (hushed) Some pink weirdo has entered the room!

Majin Buu: Mr. Satan, Buu need food!

Mr. Satan: Uhh, Buu! Can't this wait? I'm kinda busy here!

(Majin Buu throws his hands up in the air impatiently. The reporters look on, trying to process the situation.)

Majin Buu: Hungry now!!!

Reporter #1: He yelled at him? A pretty brazen move, yelling at our planet's savior.

Reporter #2: Maybe he's not afraid of him. Maybe he's even stronger!

(Upon hearing this, Mr. Satan turns around anxiously in fear of his cover being blown.)

Mr. Satan: No, it's not like that, everyone stay calm! There's no need to be afraid of this guy! He is an alien, but not an invader! Truth is, he's a galactic warrior who traveled from the farthest reaches of space, and begged me to become his sensei. It was rough at first, but now he's my top pupil!

Reporter #1: Oh, yeah! That makes sense!

Reporter #2: Don't know why I didn't get that! Of course aliens would want Mr. Satan to teach 'em, right?

(Mr. Satan makes a quick sigh of relief and uses some false courage to yell back at Buu.)

Mr. Satan: Now, git! Go back to your training room! I'll be there soon to instruct you in the art of the Dynamite Kick!

Majin Buu: Buu told you, Buu hungry!

Mr. Satan: And your mighty sensei told you to wait in the back!!!

(Buu grumbles angrily at Mr. Satan as Mr. Satan grumbles back while sweating uncontrollably.)

(Buu releases a cloud of steam from the holes on the top of his head. A telltale sign that he's furious. Mr. Satan backs up hastily in fear that he's about to blow his top, but Buu storms out of the room instead. He grumbles one last time at Mr. Satan before exiting through the door. The reporters look on in shock and awe.)

Reporter #1: It's amazing! He's not just the valiant protector of the Earth, he's the greatest hero in the whole universe!

(Cut to Mr. Satan in the reporter's camera cross-hairs as he nervously holds up a peace sign (or 'v' for victory), and more camera flashes go off as the crowd of reporters cause a commotion.)

Mr. Satan: Excuse me while I powder my nose. And go pee.

(Mr. Satan walks away. We then cut to a shot of him massaging Buu's caped shoulders apologetically in the back room.)

Mr. Satan: I'm sorry, Buu! I'm sorry! Come on, don't be mad! You know I love ya! I'll make ya lots of tasty treats later and then maybe a nice bubble bath? Your favorite!

Majin Buu: Hungry now!

(Mr. Satan stops massaging and quickly gets up to run to the pantry.)

Mr. Satan: Okay, okay! Keep your cape on! I'm sure there's chocolate or somethin' in here.

(Mr. Satan opens the cabinet door and gets bombarded by an avalanche of food in cans, bags, and boxes. Buu looks on, not amused as Mr. Satan reaches out for help under all of that food.)

Mr. Satan: Videl! Give your daddy a hand! I can't find the chocolate!!

(Cut to a shot of a book store)

Mr. Satan (o.c.): VIDEL!!!

(We see a book titled "Muzukashii Hon" in someone's hands as he walks down the sidewalk.)

Videl (o.c.): I can't believe we found it.

(We now see Videl walking alongside Gohan as Gohan is the one holding the book, sporting a new pair of yellow-rimmed glasses.)

Videl: Lucky you! You've wanted that book for a while.

Gohan: Oh, yeah! This is gonna make my research a whole lot easier!

(Gohan stops in his tracks as Videl keeps walking. She stops as well to see what's wrong.)

Gohan: Thanks, Videl. I'm not sure I deserve this though.

Videl: [lightly gasps] What's that mean? You've been studying like crazy.

Gohan: I know, but you keep buying me all these incredible gifts like this. And now I feel bad because I can't buy you anything.

Videl (o.c.): There's an easy fix for that. Just don't feel bad.

Gohan: Huh?

(Videl walks back over to Gohan.)

Videl: The best gift you can give me is to keep on studying hard, Gohan.

(Videl takes Gohan's arm in hers.)

Videl: Then, I'll have a scholar as arm candy.

(Gohan smiles appreciatively.)

Gohan: Deal.

Videl: [chuckles] Speaking of arm candy, I want something sweet. Let's try that bakery.

(Zoom out to a shot of Piccolo standing atop a building with his arms folded, watching over Gohan and Videl.)

Piccolo: Hmph!

(Cut to a shot of Capsule Corporation.)

Trunks (o.c.): A present?

(We now see Goten inside Trunks' house while Trunks his doing a handstand with just one finger.)

Goten: Yeah. My brother and Videl got married and I haven't gotten them anything. I wanna find a present that my new sister-in-law will love for sure!

Trunks: Oh... Something she'll love, huh?

(Trunks closes his eyes and strokes his chin thoughtfully. He reopens them after he gets an idea.)

Trunks: For girls. That pretty much means one thing.

Goten: What thing?

(Cut to a view of small engagement rings in a glass case.)

Jewelry store owner (o.c.): So, what do you think?

Rich woman: It's beautiful! But I can't ask you to buy me that, baby. It's too much!

Rich man: Nonsense, dear. I want to!

(The wealthy man points to another selection in the case.)

Rich man: Could we maybe have a look at that one?

(The store owner holds out a much larger diamond ring on display.)

Jewelry store owner: How about this one?

(The rich couple stare in awe at the impressive ring.)

Trunks (o.c.): Are these gag gifts? They're tiny.

Goten (o.c.): Maybe they're rings for babies.

(The woman now looks dissatisfied with the ring after hearing Trunks and Goten trash-talking them in the background.)

Trunks (o.c.): No way she'd be happy with one of these pebbles. You'll have to go way bigger. Unless they come with a magnifying glass!

Goten (o.c.): Yeah!

(The wealthy man is now looking agitated as the woman's expectations for the ring continue to rise.)

(Cut to the jewelry store owner as Trunks somehow towers over him. The store owner's eyebrow twitches impatiently.)

Jewelry store owner: Uhh, hello... Can I help you boys?

(We now see that Goten and Trunks are hovering over the rich couple, directly behind them, looking over the same rings they were. Goten looks off to the side.)

Goten: Over there, maybe?

Trunks: Let's go see.

(Goten and Trunks fly over in the direction behind them, freaking out the couple and store owner as the couple embraces each other in fear.)

(We see Goten and Trunks hovering over another counter as another sales clerk is throwing her hands up in the air in shock. Goten isn't impressed with this selection either.)

Goten: Nah, these are tiny too.

Trunks: You should get her something else.

Goten: All right.

(Goten and Trunks fly toward the exit and land on the ground before running out of the store. We now see the store owner and the rich couple just as stunned as they were a moment ago.)

Rich man: You see that?!

Rich woman: They can fly!

(The wealthy man's toupee falls off from all the excitement. After what those three just witnessed, nobody gives a care in the world about it.)

(Cut to a scene of a man gently prodding a woman's cheek to see how soft her skin is.)

Man: Whoa! Wow! Your skin really does feel softer now! Seriously, is it made of butter? I just can't stop touching your face!

(We see Goten and Trunks sitting down at a nearby park, still trying to think of the perfect gift.)

Goten: I don't know what to get her!

Trunks: Yeah, jewels are out. We gotta get creative. Hmm... How about o' de toletty?

Goten: O' de what now?

Trunks: It's fancy talk for "toilet water," and ladies like to put it on their face at night. At least my mom does.

(We see a flashback of Trunks brushing his teeth before bed as he watches his mom, Bulma, trying on lotions in front of the bathroom mirror.)

Bulma (o.c.): Smells nice, but it's wrong for my skin type.

Bulma: Well, maybe I should give it to Videl. She might think she's too young for skin care, but if she's not on it like me, one day she'll wake up looking like Master Roshi.

(Cut back to Goten and Trunks, who are happy with this new idea.)

Goten: Well, if your mom likes it, then I'm sure Videl will too, right?

Trunks: To the girly store!

Goten: Yeah!

(Goten and Trunks hop to their feet and take off into the sky.)

(Cut to a series of shots showing shelves of expensive lotions, going from 3,000 zeni, to 5,000 zeni, to one going all the way to 30,000 zeni.)

Goten: I can't afford this stuff on my allowance.

(Goten and Trunks hang their heads in defeat. Looks like it's back to the drawing board.)

(Cut to a shot of a displeased elderly man's mustached mouth as he shouts angrily at a sales clerk.)

Old man: 6,000 zeni! That's highway robbery!

(Goten and Trunks overhear him and turn around to see what the fuss is about.)

Old man (o.c.): Where do you get off charging that much?!

(We see the elderly man, holding himself up with a cane, as the cosmetics sales clerk tries to talk him down.)

Cosmetics sales woman: Well, sir. This is our ultra-advanced hydrating formula with rare, skin-nourishing compounds. You can find this anywhere else.

Old man: Like hell, I can't, missy! The hot springs back home work better than this fancy crap! And they don't cost me an arm and a leg!

(Cut back to Goten and Trunks listening on.)

Old man (o.c.): Three days soakin' in there is all you need! Even turns an old lady's skin smooth as a baby's butt!

(Goten and Trunks are surprised to hear this and run over to the elderly man.)

Trunks: Hey, old dude! Those hot springs! How do we get there, man?

Old man: 'Scuse me?

Trunks: The hot springs! The ones you just said are great for your skin, even for broke-down old lady butt!

Old man: Wow, you're a good eavesdropper.

(The elderly man bends over backward and points behind him.)

Old man: You go a looong way in that direction!

(The elderly man straightens himself out and points his cane and whole body over to the left.)

Old man: Then, at the woods, take a hard left!

(The elderly man now holds the cane up and holds his arms up as he moves his body around in a bizarre, swirling motion.)

Old man: And you'll find the spring swirling up in the mountains!

(Goten and Trunks exchanges excited glances and look back at the elderly man with excited faces.)

Goten & Trunks: Thank you, old dude!

(We now see Goten and Trunks flying over the grassy ground outside of town; Goten is carrying a glass jar.)

Trunks: "A long way in this direction..."

Goten: "Then at the woods, a hard left."

(Goten and Trunks follow the path they remember from the elderly man and fly off toward the mountains.)

Goten: Nothing's here.

Trunks: Hmm... Oh!

(Goten and Trunks look down to see what they can find, but Trunks has spotted something. They fly in for a closer look.)

Trunks: Is that it?

(We see the hot spring the elderly man was talking about. His description was heavily exaggerated, because it's revealed to be filled with filthy water as a bunch of elderly people are soaking in it. A close-up of an elderly man shows him sneezing his dentures out into the water.)

(Cut back to Goten and Trunks, who figure this can't be the hot spring the old man was talking about.)

Goten: That water looks kinda dirty, huh?

Trunks: Probably 'cuz all those nasty people are in it. Maybe let's go look higher up the mountain.

(We see a shot of a forest as Goten and Trunks fly overhead. Then cut back to Goten and Trunks looking over the area as they fly.)

Goten: Can't we just get it from a toilet?

(Trunks spots something again, but this time it's much more promising: a fresh-water lake hidden in the back of the forest.)

Trunks: Look, over there!

(Cut to a shot of a few fish swimming in the clean water.)

Goten (o.c.): Wow, it's crystal clear!

Goten: I bet she'll like that way better, right?

Trunks: Yeah!

(Goten and Trunks come down for a landing near the lake.)

Trunks: Perfect gift achieved!

(Cut to a shot of something green and scaly ominously slithering through the leaves.)

(We see Goten dipping his jar into the water to fill it up.)

Goten: All right... Little more!

(Goten dips the jar in deeper to try and fill it up faster.)

Goten: Fill up all the way!

Trunks: Careful, don't fall in.

Goten: I know, I know!

(We see a predator stalking Goten and Trunks from inside the bushes. A snake-like tongue flails out as the giant reptile hisses hungrily at them.)

(Goten takes his jar out of the water and sticks the cork back in, chuckling in success.)

Trunks: Nice! Let's head back.

Goten: M-hm!

(The giant snake lunges out at them from the bushes, separating Goten and Trunks as Goten looses his grip on the jar and it flies out of his hands. Trunks notices and lands on his feet, skidding to a stop.)

Trunks: Hold on, I got it!

(Trunks jumps back into the air and catches the jar with one hand just before it crashes to the ground, as he hops back up to avoid the snake coming in for a second attack.)

(Cut to a full frame view of the giant snake hissing viciously a Goten and Trunks. They aren't the least bit intimidated by it.)

Trunks: Hey, watch it, buddy! If you want toilet water, get your own!

(The snake lurches forward again as Trunks jumps out of the way. It keeps snapping its jaws at him, but Trunks dodges every strike. He then runs along the snake's tail and jumps up again to try and get away. The snake is still hot on his trail though, and gets closer and closer to chomping at him.)

Trunks: Goten!

(Trunks tosses the jar at Goten, who holds out his hands ready to catch it.)

Goten: Okay, I'm ready!

(Goten catches the jar, but the snake wraps itself around him and slithers around in tremulous motions, disorienting Goten.)

Goten: Trunks, here!

(Goten tosses the jar back at Trunks, who is now back on solid ground. He catches it easily.)

Trunks: Right!

(The snake's shadow covers Trunks as it goes in for another bite, but Trunks dashes out of the way with superhuman speed. Now he's getting annoyed...)

Trunks: Hey! Knock it off!

(Trunks kicks the snake, but it barely even fazes it. Goten tries punching it in the face, which ends up dealing much better damage. The snake angrily goes in for the kill again, but Goten and Trunks keep hopping out of its way, the jar still in Trunks' hands.)

Trunks: He doesn't quit, does he?!

(Goten jumps up and hops off of the snake to give him a boost as he lands back to the ground and charges a Kamehame-Ha. Trunks is alarmed by this.)

Trunks: Hang on, Goten, no! You're too close to the hot springs, it's too dangerous!

(Cut to a shot of the elderly hot springs, showing all of the people who could accidentally get caught in Goten's blast. Cut back to Goten, who calls off the attack and takes to the air to avoid another lunge by the snake. Trunks tosses the jar up at him again.)

Trunks: Your turn, catch!

(The snake bats the jar away with its tail before Goten can catch it. Trunks has had all he can stand at this point... He lunges at the snake and punches it through the entire forest and into a large tree. He readies himself to deliver another beat-down, but the snake is aghast and withdraws into the woods to escape.)

(Trunks returns to Goten to check out the damages.)

Trunks: Is the jar messed up?

(Cut to a shot of Goten from behind. We can tell he's holding the jar, but we have no idea what kind of condition it's in. Goten then turns around and smiles as he holds up the jar filled with lake water, completely intact without a scratch on it.)

(Cut to a shot of a large red house in Satan City. We then see Videl stirring a pot on the stove.

Trunks (o.c.): Yoo-hoo, Videl!

(Trunks' voice can be heard in the background along with light tapping on windowed glass.)

Videl: Huh?

(Videl turns around smiling, already knowing who to expect. She sees Goten and Trunks hovering outside of her window, smiling and chuckling back at her. Goten is holding his arms behind his back.)

(We see Goten and Trunks now inside the house as Goten holds out his present.)

Goten: Here! It's my mega-special wedding gift!

Videl: Wow! That's for me? That's so thoughtful. Thanks, Goten.

Gohan (o.c.): Goten! Trunks! When'd you get here?

(Gohan walks into the room, happy to see his little brother and childhood friend.)

Goten: Hey, Gohan!

(Gohan notices the jar of water that Videl is holding.)

Gohan: Hm? Hey, what's that?

Videl: This is a wedding gift, from your little brother.

Goten: It's toilet water!

Gohan: Uhh... What?

Goten: It's for her face! Trunks helped me get it up on a mountain!

(Trunks smiles and chuckles proudly as Videl tries to piece together what they could mean.)

Videl: You mean eau de toilette. Sounds like you went to a lot of trouble.

Trunks: Don't you wanna try some?

Videl: Sure!

(Videl drops some of the water into the palm of her hand and rubs it together as she applies it to her face. She's surprised by how it feels.)

Videl: (thinking) Is this just ordinary water?

(Videl sees Goten and Trunks smiling and chuckling proudly over their accomplishment. She smiles knowingly and continues to rub it on her cheeks.)

Trunks (o.c.): Pretty smooth, huh?

Goten: You like it?!

Videl: Yeah, it's great! My skin feels incredible! Thanks, Goten, and thank you, Trunks. I'm a lucky girl!

(Goten and Trunks are beaming in excitement and chuckle happily.)

Goten: Well, just let me know if you run out! I'll get you more anytime!

(Videl nods her head and chuckles sweetly.)

(Fade to a view of Goku watching the sunset with Goten out on the field Goku works at.)

Goku: You did a really good thing, Goten. I'm sure you made Videl's day.

Goten: [chuckles]

Goku: So, what's their house like?

Goten: It's super big!

Goku: Well, Mr. Satan had it built, so I bet it is. Sure was nice of him. Now Gohan can study all he wants and not worry about bills!

(We hear a vehicle rolling up as a car horn lightly beeps at Goku and Goten. They turn around to see a black car nearby slowing to a stop with the word "Satan" printed on the side. Mr. Satan himself steps out of the vehicle.)

Mr. Satan: Hey, there! Great to see ya, Goku!

(Mr. Satan slowly walks toward Goku and Goten, carrying a briefcase.)

Mr. Satan: I've been looking for ya! Chi-Chi told me you'd be up here.

Goku (o.c.): Oh, hey, Mr. Satan!

Goku: Well, that's funny, we were just talkin' about you. You're a good man. I can't thank you enough for buying that huge house for Gohan.

(Mr. Satan sets the briefcase down on the ground as he walks up to Goku and Goten.)

Mr. Satan: It was my pleasure! I mean, what do ya expect? Videl's my baby girl!

(Mr. Satan gets serious for a moment and whispers into Goku's ear.)

Mr. Satan: (whispering) But enough about the house, that's not why I'm here. Did you happen to see the news today?

Goku: (trying to whisper back) No. I don't watch T.V.

Mr. Satan (no longer whispering) All right then, I'll tell ya. I got an award today, grand prize in fact, from the World Peace Assembly, for savin' the Earth from certain doom.

Goku: Ya don't say.

Mr. Satan: Yeah. You might remember how it kinda got around that I saved the world from Armageddon?

(Pan to the briefcase as Mr. Satan continues to explain his business being there.)

Mr. Satan: Well, that's what it's for. And the prize money is, uhh, substantial: 100,000,000 zeni.

(Cut to Mr. Satan's agent, Miss Piiza, leaning against the car as Goku and Goten scream out in surprise. She turns her head curiously.)

Goku & Goten: 100,000,000?!?!?!

(Mr. Satan shushes them harshly, and they immediately obey by covering their own mouths.)

(Mr. Satan sighs in relief and picks up the briefcase once again. He smiles and holds it up to Goku.)

Mr. Satan: But the point is, you're the only one who really deserves this dough. So I'm handin' it over.

(Goku holds up his hands to stop him. He is not comfortable with this idea.)

Goku: Whoa, whoa! I can't accept that!

Mr. Satan: Come on, don't be silly, you earned it, brother!

(Mr. Satan holds the briefcase out closer to Goku, but Goku tries to push it away.)

Goku: No, seriously, I'm fine, I wasn't the only one fighting him! You did your part too... in your own way!

Mr. Satan: But I've already got too much money to count!

(Goku has nearly pushed the briefcase all the way back into Mr. Satan's chest by now.)

Mr. Satan: Besides, Vegeta... said no too. Heh! But of course, that guy's married into the richest family on Earth!

Goku: Hold on.

(Goku whispers into Mr. Satan's ear.)

Goku: (whispering) How much is 100,000,000 zeni? Is that more than 100,000?

Mr. Satan: Huh? Eh, well, yeah! Of course! Let's see, it's uhh... a thousand times more in fact?

(Goku recoils after hearing this. He looks terrified by the prospect.)

Goku: Aah! A thousand times more than 100,000?!

(Goku backs up and shakes his hands at Mr. Satan in protest.)

Goku: Well, now I really don't want it!

(Cut to Goten, looking on with an impressionable expression.)

Goku: Where would I put it?! I don't have a treasure cave!

Goten: I... think you should take it, dad.

Goku: Huh?

Goten: If you come home with all of that money, then mom won't worry about you having a job. So you could go train with King Kai.

(Goku looks at him excitedly.)

Goku: Ya think so? Uh...

(Goku looks back at Mr. Satan and rubs the back of his neck guiltily.)

Goku: But it's so much...

Mr. Satan: Come on, Goku. Listen to your boy and take the cash. I swear it won't bite.

(Goku's very conflicted, he's really on the fence about taking this money. He groans reluctantly a little before putting on a serious face as he comes to a decision.)

Goku: Fine, I'll take it! We could use the money. So, you're sure you don't want it?

(Mr. Satan nods his head as Goku hesitantly reaches out to take the handle of the briefcase.)

Goku: Well, okay... Thank you.

Mr. Satan: Yeah! That's a relief! Now, uhh... I hate askin' for somethin' in return here, but... can you keep this on the lowdown?

(Cut to Goku and Goten eyeing the briefcase in Goku's hand.)

Mr. Satan: I got a reputation to protect.

(Goku and Goten blink simultaneously in confusion.)

(Cut to Goku and Chi-Chi's house at night with the lights still on inside.)

Chi-Chi (o.c.): 100,000,00 ZENI?!?!?!

(Cut to a shot of the money in the briefcase, dispersed in 10,000 zeni bills with an image of Tori-Bot featured on each bill.)

(We see Chi-Chi patting Goku's back for a job well done while she lustfully stares at the pile of cash in front of her. Goten is in the room as well, standing right next to them as this plays out.)

Chi-Chi: I don't even know what to say, Goku! With this money, we can afford any school we want for Goten! And lots of private tutors and anything else he needs! It's a dream!

Goku: I'm glad you like it. So, uhh... I was wondering if I could, ya know, train with King Kai now?

Chi-Chi: (absentmindedly) Yeah, sure. Just drop by from time to time, okay?

(Goku grins widely upon hearing this.)

Goku: Awesome!

(Goku glances at Goten, who smiles up at him, happy for his dad.)

Goku: All right, then! See ya soon!

(Goku places his index and middle fingers on his forehead to use the Instant Transmission technique and teleport out of the house.)

(Cut back to the outside view of Goku and Chi-Chi's house.)

Chi-Chi (o.c.): I'm gonna start looking for tutors right now, and private schools, and after-school schools! Goten, you're gonna know everything!

(We see Master Roshi barreling toward the house, running full-speed in crazed excitement.)

Master Roshi: Yea-heah!!!

(Master Roshi barges into the house looking for Goku, and ends up in the same room with Chi-Chi.)

Master Roshi: Goku! Is it true you really got 100,000,000 zeni?! That's a game-changer! Do you have any idea how many dirty movie DVDs you could buy with that kind of load?!

(Slow zoom in on the back of Chi-Chi's head. You can tell she's about to unleash her patented maternal wrath on the deluded old man.)


(Chi-Chi turns to face him, growling angrily with literal fire in her steely, furious glare.)


(Chi-Chi kicks Master Roshi out of the house and he hightails it out of there.)

(Slow pan up to the cloudy night sky. A twinkle of light shines in the distance. Fade into the soulless black pupil of Kibito Kai, and slowly zoom out as he stares up at the sky with mounting apprehension. Blustering winds race through the Sacred World of the Kais where Kibito Kai is standing and the Elder Kai is watching in awe.)

Kibito Kai: Ancestor... Another planet has been decimated. Just what could be happening out there?

Elder Kai: Hmm...

(Cut to a shot of the purple sky as a handful of planets can be seen in the distance, varying in size and proximity.)