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A Touch-and-Go Situation! Gohan, Protect the Four-Star Ball! (一触即発のピンチ!悟飯よ四星球を守れ Isshokusokuhatsu no Pinchi! Gohan yo Sūshinchū o Mamore) is the twenty-seventh overall episode in the Dragon Ball Z Kai series. The episode first aired on October 11, 2009. Its original American air date was July 1, 2010.



Gohan carrying the Four-Star Ball

Gohan finds the Four-Star Dragon Ball that Vegeta hid earlier. Krillin finds Bulma, looking for Gohan so Guru can unlock his hidden potential. He discovers Gohan left.

On his way back to his friends, Gohan is found by Vegeta. He manages to hide the Four-Star Ball but keeps the Dragon Radar in his hand. When a suspicious Vegeta asks him about it, Gohan claims it is a clock. After a brief conversation, Vegeta viciously knees Gohan in the stomach and leaves. However, he eventually realizes the radar's true purpose and also realizes the remaining ball was taken by Gohan. An angry Vegeta then turns around and heads in the same direction as Gohan.


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