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A Trip to the City (西の都のブルマんち Nishi no Miyako no Buruma n'chi, lit. "Bulma's House in West City") is the fifteenth episode of the Red Ribbon Army Saga and the forty-third episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on December 17, 1986. This is also the first episode which uses the Goku and Master Roshi eyecatch (as opposed to the one Goku and Oolong used up until this point).




Goku spends the night at Suno's house. In the morning, he goes to walk to West City, so Bulma can fix his radar. After telling an old man about the Flying Nimbus being destroyed, the man says that Nimbus clouds can't be destroyed. Goku then, calls for the Nimbus and it appears. After saying his good byes to the village, he leaves. Meanwhile, at Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, Commander Red is angry that the Dragon Balls are going away so fast.


Goku's drawing of Bulma

Goku makes it to the city and gets off the Flying Nimbus. Then he does some exploring for Bulma. He asks around for Bulma, but nobody seems to know her. Goku then, gets in a cab to go to Bulma's house, but the cab driver tells to get money. Across the street, a person is taking on fights. Who ever beats him will get 100,000 zeni. Goku fights, and starts beating him with ease. Seeing what Goku can do, the fighter gives up. Two people want his money, so they bring him to an alley and try stealing it, but get beaten up by Goku. He then, asks a lady if she can show him to a police officer, so she shows him. Goku goes to him and gives the lady all the money! The officer finds who Bulma is on his mini-computer. He gives Goku a free ride to her house. When they arrive, they see that Bulma's house is huge and she is the daughter of the president of Capsule Corporation.



Goku vs. Bruce Lee Impersonator

  • Big Guy vs. Bruce Lee Impersonator
  • Goku vs. Bruce Lee Impersonator
  • Hasky's followers vs. Goku




Big Guy

  • The music for when Goku, Eighter and Suno go to sleep is a slower, more melancholy version of the end credits theme, Romantic Ageru Yo.
  • An elderly villager and the Village Chief seem to know a lot about Nimbus Clouds and believe that they cannot be destroyed. However, it is later proven that they can when Tambourine uses a Mouth Energy Wave to destroy the same cloud for good.
  • Suno warning Goku to watch out for trees may be a reference to George of the Jungle, who is also a monkey-like humanoid that is easily distracted.
  • This episode shows one of the few times the Nimbus actually departs into the sky after being used.
  • One of the TVs behind Goku, when he says that the city is crowded and noisy, depicts a woman holding down her billowing white dress. This is in reference to Marilyn Monroe's iconic scene in the film adaptation of The Seven Year Itch.
  • This episode is the first to feature the "Goku and Roshi" eyecatchers. These remain until the end of the original Dragon Ball.
  • The martial artist Goku defeats for money is identical to the martial artist Krillin defeated in the preliminaries of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. Coincidentally, Goku compares defeating him for prize money to be like when he competed in exactly the same tournament.
  • The military man that unsuccessfully fights the martial artist is identical to General White, but with a flat-topped haircut.
  • Goku is holding the reward money before his opponent actually surrenders.
  • A poster of 7 circles with "Dragon Ball City" written under them can be seen just before Goku is lured into the alley.
  • This episode has the first appearance of the Capsule Corporation building.
  • A sign near the Capsule Corp. building reads Route 66.


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