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Dragon Ball Online and Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball GT

  • The 31st World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Mr. Satan is the winner, and Majuub comes in second.
  • In the junior division, Mugley comes in first, and Goku comes in second.
  • The events of the Super 17 Saga and the Shadow Dragon Saga of Dragon Ball GT take place.
  • The majority of events of the Assault on the Hell Gate Saga presumably take place in this year or after; Gohan achieves Super Saiyan 4, and he, his father and Vegeta face off against Super 17 once more - who has been forced by Darkness Towa to integrate Android 18 into himself. Later the heroes face the Time Breaker leaders, and then Super Saiyan 4 Broly. (video game only)

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