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Dragon Ball Online and Xenoverse 2

Majin Buu's House Rift timeline (Xenoverse 2)

  • The Demon Android Mira arrives in Age 790 and places a Distorted Time Egg (one of Towa's failed attempts to recreate Tokitoki's Time Eggs artificially) near Majin Buu's House and yells at Buu when he enquires what he is doing before leaving. As a result, Majin Buu's House is involved in a large yet stable time rift anomaly which appears in Conton City. Chronoa sends Time Patrollers to Majin Buu's House to investigate the cause. The Majin Future Warrior is sent to investigate and they witness Majin Buu reading Bob & Margaret unaware of the rift surrounding his home and is visited by his friend Mr. Satan who is helping Majin Buu get settled. Majin Buu asks Mr. Satan about a word in the book he doesn't understand and Mr. Satan is shocked that Buu is reading such a book and asks him where he got it, causing Buu to reveal he got it from Mr. Satan's room. Mr. Satan tries in vain to get Buu to return the book, but gives up when Buu refuses and goes to fix dinner for his friend. The Future Warrior is called off for another assignment, but is later asked by Chronoa to return. The Future Warrior meets with Buu, who inspired by Mr. Satan's relationship with his daughter Videl, decides he wants a family of his own and enlists the Future Warrior in providing him with food to fuel his fission technique. As a result, in this timeline Miss Buu is not created and Majin Buu instead uses fission to create several children. Sensing the dormant power lying within the Majin Warrior, he assists them in unlocking their Purification Awoken Skill allowing them to access their Pure Majin form. He also shows them the Distorted Time Egg that the mysterious "pale man" had left near his home and gives it to the Warrior after they convince him not to eat it. After all the eggs are collected from the 5 rifts in Conton City, Chronoa decides to allow the rifts to remain in Conton City as they are stable and pose little threat. As a result, Majin Buu lives peacefully with his children and is occasionally visited by his friend the Future Warrior.

Dragon Ball GT

  • The 31st World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Mr. Satan is the winner, and Majuub comes in second.
  • In the junior division, Mugley comes in first, and Goku comes in second.
  • The events of the Super 17 Saga and the Shadow Dragon Saga of Dragon Ball GT take place.

Dragon Ball Heroes

  • The majority of events of the Assault on the Hell Gate Saga presumably take place in this year or after; Gohan achieves Super Saiyan 4, and he, his father and Vegeta face off against Super 17 once more - who has been forced by Darkness Towa to integrate Android 18 into himself. Later the heroes face the Time Breaker leaders, and then Super Saiyan 4 Broly.