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Namek covered with Ajisa plants

Ajisa, called Hydrangea Plants in the Viz version of the Dragon Ball manga, is a plant on planet Namek. Ajisa are named after hydrangea plants (ajisai in Japanese), that snails are known to like.[1]



An Ajisa field in Tsuno's village

These crops were destroyed by a giant storm that ravaged the planet in Age 261. Dende describes this scenario to Krillin and Gohan during dinner when Krillin wonders why Namekians cultivate this plant since they do not need food and only drink water. Initially, Krillin thought that the crops were supposed to be consumed by the Namekians, but Dende reveals that the crops are cultivated only to enhance the beauty of their planet.

Video game appearances

In Dragon Ball Online, ajisa trees were grown on Earth by the Time Breakers using Namekrystal. They were both used in the construction of Chocolay Tower, and were also poisoned by General Sus so that they were turned into vessels for absorbing kiri.

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Ajissa Sapling is an item that slightly increases Ki Blast power.



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