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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesPhysical techniques

Super Grab and Drag is a part of Aka's deadly physical combo in which he grabs his opponents by their necks and carries them in midair before dragging their heads through the ground in a hailstorm of riddling the ground in the process.


Immediately after Abo and Kado fuse to become Aka, they engage their opponents with a massive combo of powerful physical attacks. After Aka propels himself upward and performs his devastating Aka Super Belly Bounce, he unleashes his Super Grab and Drag.

This technique is the portion of Aka's physical combo where he grabs Goten and Trunks by their necks and propels them through the air before using their heads to slam into the ground and drags them while continuing to rampage through the air directly above the ground. This is the second of Aka's deadly combo strikes as he finishes his powerful physical combination maneuver with his Aka Super Spin Toss technique.

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