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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesPhysical techniques

Super Spin Toss (スーパー腹バウンス), also called Super Cyclone (スーパーサイクロン), is the spinning toss finisher of Aka's powerful physical combo technique.


Immediately after Abo and Kado fuse to become Aka, they engage their opponents with a massive combo of powerful physical attacks. After Aka propels himself upward and performs his devastating Aka Super Belly Bounce, he unleashes his Aka Super Grab And Drag, and finishes his combo with his devastating Super Spin Toss technique, reminiscent of a Super Cyclone, which launches his opponents from the sky like rag-dolls directly into the ground below.

This is the last strike Aka uses against Goten and Trunks as he finishes his powerful physical combination maneuver. them with his deadly combination.

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