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Akio Iyoku

Akio Iyoku (伊能昭夫) is an editor who works for Shueisha.


He is editor-in-chief of V-Jump and Saikyō Jump, and is called Editor-in-chief Iyoku (編集長イヨク, Henshuuchou Iyoku) on this occasion.


Akio Iyoku drawn in SD

Akio Iyoku was planning coordinator for the 2011 anime adaptation of Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock, along with Daisuke Terashi and Naho Ooishi.

He took part in a thirty-minute Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods discussion panel on the Jump Super Stage at Jump Festa 2013 on 22 December 2012, along with the voice actors Masako Nozawa, Mayumi Tanaka, Toshio Furukawa, the film's director Masahiro Hosoda, and Toei Animation producer Gyarmath Bogdan. The discussion panel was overseen by former YBS TV announcer Mariko Nakagomi.


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