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Aku no Tenshi to Seigi no Akuma (悪の天使と正義の悪魔 lit. An Evil Angel and the Righteous Devil) is the seventh ending song of Dragon Ball Super, playing from episodes 73 to 83. This song is performed by THE COLLECTORS.


Japanese Rōmaji Lyrics (TV size)

Tenshi to akuma ga nakayoku suwattenda

Boku wa man'naka docchi mukeba ī

Jibun ka sore igai ka dochira ka kowasette

Yonakajū mimimoto de sakebunda

Tadashī kotae nante an'no

Tenshi no kamen kabutta akumatachi

Boku ni temaneki shite iunosa

Seigi no tameni aku wo horobose ima

Sekai ga kimi wo matteirunda to

English Translation Lyrics (TV size)

An angel and a demon are sitting together like friends

I'm in the middle

Which way do I face?.

Either destroy myself or destroy everything else.

They scream it in my ear all night.

Is there a right answer to this?.

The masks of angels on the faces of demons

They beckon to me and say to me

"For the sake of goodness destroy all evil right now".

They say the world is waiting for me.


The characters in the seventh ending of Dragon Ball Super with this song, in order of appearance, are: