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Amenbo Island


Neighboring RegionsSouthern Continent

Amenbo Island is an island located off the coast of the Southern Continent, nine miles (nine kilometers in the Japanese version) southwest of South City. Its capital, named Sasebo,[1] is located at its center.



Amenbo in the alternate timeline

Amenbo is the island that Future Trunks told Goku where the battle with the Red Ribbon Androids would take place.

In Age 767, when the Androids appeared, a large area of the city was turned into a wasteland by Android 20's Bionic Punisher lasers. After this, Goku led the Androids to the Southern Continent for their battle.

Video games

Amenbo Island and Sasebo are visited in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II. It is where Goku and the others meet up with Dr. Gero and Android 19.


  • Sasebo is the name of a real life city in Japan



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