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This article is about the EX-Fusion. For the hypothetical Potara Fusion, see Android 35.

Android 1718 is the EX-Fusion of Android 17 and Android 18 from Dragon Ball Fusions.


Android 1718 is said to be even stronger than a Super Saiyan.

Video game appearances


  • Android 1718 is one of the few EX fusions of a male and a female with the other being Great Saiyaman 12. It is also notable that it's currently the only fusion that is the result of two twin siblings of the opposite gender fusing.
  • As 17 and 18 are components of Cell, it is possible that Imperfect Cell would be able to achieve his Perfect form if he were to absorb Android 1718, as they are a fusion of 17 and 18.

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