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"An evil android created from Dr. Gero's villain database... Actually, he only acts evil, and is quite a nice person."
Dragon Ball Fusions character profile

Android 44 is an Android created from Dr. Gero's villain database who appears in Dragon Ball Fusions.


Android 44 somewhat resembles Android 20 though with black hair and an exposed braincase. He also wears red armor similar in design to the Bio-Suit worn by Cooler in his 5th form and pants similar to those worn by Kid Buu.


Though he was created to be evil, he only acts evil and is actually quite a nice person.


Little is known of Android 44's history, but presumably like most of the fighters in the Timespace Tournament, he likely comes from one of the various timelines connected to the warped dimension created via Tekka and Pinich's wish to Shenron.

Though he was created to be an evil Android, he only acts evil and is actually a nice person much like his comrades Android 33, Android 55, and Android 76.

After learning how to recruit new allies from Master Roshi, Tekka's team can encounter him along with several Earthling fighters near the Future Capsule Corporation or fight alongside Android 19 and Android 20, or Android 16, 17, and 18 near the hidden entrance to Dr. Gero's Lab. Tekka's team can recruit him by KO'ing him with a Zenkai Attack. After he is recruited, he will join Tekka's team (allowing him to be selected as a playable character) and will appear in the Team's Spaceship.


Listed as a B-Rank fighter in Dragon Ball Fusions, Android 33 is a very powerful fighter who is likely more powerful than the members of the Ginyu Force. Android 16, Android 17, Android 18, and Android 19 are also listed as B-Rank fighters.

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