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Android 9 is a fully artificial android model constructed by Dr. Gero.


Dragon Ball ZEdit

Android 9 was an entirely mechanical Android constructed by Dr. Gero at some point following the Red Ribbon Army's defeat, but possessed a problem and so was destroyed.[2]

Other Dragon Ball storiesEdit

Dragon Ball SDEdit

In Dragon Ball SD, Android 9 is an Android version of Akio Iyoku labeled as "Iyo-ku-gō" (a play on the name of the V-Jump Editor-in-Chief's name).

Dragon Ball OnlineEdit

File 000020-1

Android 9, an artificial replica of Commander Red

In Dragon Ball Online, Android 9 has been rebuilt and is apparently the leader of the Red Pants Army, as he is the last character to face in the army's dungeon located near Korin Tower. He is much larger than his template, to the extent of towering over the main character by a head's length, ironically fulfilling his template's wish to be taller in a sense. He also seems to be wearing some sort of ceremonial scarf adorned with Red Ribbon logos.


When he appears in Dragon Ball SD, Android 9 (Iyo-ku-gō) is easily defeated by Kid Goku.

Android 9 is capable of taking on members of the Time Patrol, however he is not as powerful as Android 16 - who is the most powerful of the Red Ribbon Androids other than Cell.[3]



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