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Angels de l'Infern

The Angels of Hell

The Angels of Hell are a group of five angels, fairies, and stuffed animals that watch over the evil spirits in Earth's Hell.


Hell Revival of F

Frieza guarded by the Angels of Hell

The Angels of Hell are responsible for watching over Frieza locked in a cocoon in Earth's Hell. However, he is revived by Sorbet and Tagoma after using the Earth's Dragon Balls.

Despite their role as guardians of Earth's Hell, they are quite cheerful and sweet natured, holding parades, dancing, and playing music. Ironically, Frieza loathes them and considered his time with them absolute torture (a fitting eternal punishment for the evil tyrant).

After Frieza has been defeated once again by Goku, the Angels of Hell are laughing and welcoming back Frieza as he returns to Hell, causing Frieza to scream in anger.

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