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Angered Mode is a form that Beerus and Golden Frieza can attain. It is obtained when a user experiences great anger, thus allowing them to use a greater power in combat.



Angered State gives Beerus a purple aura while he appears more shiny and a fierce looking, although this state appears to be smiles. When Golden Frieza is in this state, his veins bulge, his eyes are bloodshot and he glows with a white aura. For both users, there is a great increase in power.

Usage and power

During his initial battle with the Z Fighters on Earth, Beerus takes on this state after Good Buu refuses to give him any pudding. Beerus then easily overwhelms the Z Fighters. In the anime he also uses it when powered up and fighting Super Saiyan God Goku.

At the climax of his battle with Goku, Frieza powers up into this state in a rage over being defeated, however he had lost too much power and stamina and so collapses to the ground.

Video game appearances

Angered Beerus makes his debut in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the third mission of the God Mission series (GDM3), while Angered Golden Frieza is introduced in the sixth mission (GDM6).



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