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Homeworld Dark Star
Average Height Much larger than the average Saiyan
Diet Light energy
Sapience Level Sapient

Ankoku-seijins (暗黒星人) are a race of creatures that make their home on the planet called Dark Star, which is a world of pitch blackness, in the deepest corner of the universe.



Yakon, an Ankoku-seijin eating light energy

One of the special abilities of the Ankoku-seijins is their ability to eat light energy. However, this ability does have its limits, and eating too much of the light will cause them to explode. Ankoku-seijins also have blades attached to their arm bones, which they can extend to attack their opponent. Another ability of the species is Prehensile Feet, which allows them to hang upside-down from caves on their homeworld, similar to bats.

When Did This Come Into Play

Mini-Yakons in Buu's Fury

The only Ankoku-seijins who appears in the manga/anime series is Yakon, one of Babidi's Majins. Using the special abilities of the race, Yakon ends up eating too much of Goku's Super Saiyan aura and explodes. In the video game Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, the Mini-Yakons are miniature versions of Yakon who appear to help him in battle on the Dark Star. They can extend their tongues to attack their opponents.

DXRD Caption of a Yakon-esque (Ankoku-seijin) & Pui Pui-esque (Zoon-seijin) PTO soldier in Revival of F manga chapter 2

PTO member of this race

In the Resurrection ‘F’ manga, an Anoku-seijin appears as one of Frieza's men who is defeated by the Z-Fighters on Earth.


  1. Dragon Ball Z episode 222, "Vegeta Attacks": Yakon is seen eating two of Babidi's minions after they awaken him.
  2. Dragon Ball Z episode 223, "Next Up, Goku": when fighting Goku, Yakon yells "I'm going to eat you!"

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