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Antoine the Great (アントン・ザ・グレート Anton Za Grēto) is a giant fighter who tried entering the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament.


Tien Shinhan Saga

Anton 84

Antoine starting his match against Krillin

He appears in "Preliminary Peril" as one of Krillin's opponents in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. The giant man tells Krillin to go home if he does not want to die. Yamcha recognizes the man as a pro wrestler and tells Krillin to be careful. When the match begins, Krillin tells the giant man to attack whenever he wants to. Anton vows to crush Krillin and stomps, but the attack is dodged. Krillin leaps in with a kick, but Anton grabs him and starts crushing him. Yamcha says that Anton has the strength to crush boulders and that Krillin would not escape. Krillin laughs and says this is not enough to beat him. He elbows the giant man's hand, getting free. Anton is angered, and he tries grabbing Krillin, who grabs him by the finger and hurls him out of the ring, thus winning the match.

Film Appearances

Mystical Adventure

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  • Antoine appears to be based on the late professional wrestler André the Giant.
  • In a poster released by Toei Animation which shows almost every single character and character variation that has appeared throughout Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and movies at the time, Antoine the Great and Gregor are both seen together with their arms over each other's shoulders.


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