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"As an expert on destroying planets, I'd say you're just about out of time. Agreed? And yet you're standing there like a statue waiting for me to make the first move."

Approaching Destruction (神龍よ宇宙を走れ!! 迫るナメック星消滅の時, Shenlong yo Uchuu o Hashire!! Semaru Namekkusei Shoumetsu no Toki) is the twenty-fourth episode of the Frieza Saga and the ninety-ninth overall episode in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on July 17, 1991. Its original American air date was October 22, 1999.


Goku and Frieza continue to fight on Namek, with Goku beginning to get the hang of Frieza's power and fight back, as Namek's destruction draws closer.

SS Goku Kamehameha in Gohan Returns

Goku charging a Kamehameha

Meanwhile, on Earth, Mr. Popo finally gathers all of the Dragon Balls and Kami contacts King Kai, offering to restore Yamcha and Tien Shinhan. However, King Kai comes up with an alternate plan: use the Earth's Dragon Balls to restore everyone on Namek who was murdered by Frieza, which will revive Grand Elder Guru, who actually died of a broken heart due to the pain he felt from Frieza murdering his children, and with him, the Namekian Dragon Balls, which someone can then use to wish everyone on Namek to Earth except for Frieza, who will be left to die in the explosion. However, this will require Yamcha and Tien to stay an extra year with King Kai.

Back at Goku's ship, Bulma is briefly frightened by Piccolo's presence, although he is unconscious, and suggests leaving Piccolo on Namek, to Gohan's frustration. Terrified at Namek's impending explosion, Bulma attempts to start the ship to leave, but Gohan, despite Goku's orders to leave, refuses. Bulma grudgingly agrees to wait longer.

As Goku slowly begins to get the upper hand against Frieza, Frieza becomes enraged to the point that he begins flying towards Goku at maximum speed. Goku fires a Kamehameha wave at Frieza as Mr. Popo summons Shenron.


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