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Aragney (アラグネ Aragune) was a space monster in Universe 11.[1]


Aragney was a large, round monster that had a big, black head with several tentacles on its body. Four of them were dark green and used for walking, while the upper tentacles were a lighter shade of green that had mouths on them. It also had four yellow nostrils that could fire green energy waves at will.


Aragney seems to be a mindless beast only serving its Drakiyan comrade.


Dragon Ball Super

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga On planet Daldon, Aragney and Drakiyan were running amok until Dyspo of the Pride Troopers arrived. Aragney overwhelms Dyspo with its tentacles and is about to eat him, until Toppo and Kahseral saved him. It was then defeated by Dyspo and Kahseral's Double Cannon Maximum while Toppo threw the Drakiyan in Aragney's mouth, destroying them both.

In the manga, Aragney and the Drakiyan's role is played instead by Choki and its small versions.


The Aragney was powerful enough to match and even outmatch Dyspo, a member of the Pride Troppers who was known for his swiftness and whose power was able to match Hit, showcasing his rather impressive power. However, Aragney was no match for the combined might of Toppo, Kahseral, and Dyspo.

Techniques and Abilities

  • Long tentacles - Aragney possessed several tentacles that were long and elastic, and were very swift in catching its opponents.
  • Energy Waves - The Aragney was able to shoot out green energy waves from its nostrils.

Voice actors

  • Japanese: TBA
  • English: TBA



  • Aragney's name is based on the Arachne.