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Attendants are beings who serve various deities. They have a variety of duties ranging from assisting their deity, teaching them, or keeping them in check.

List of Attendants

Guardian attendants


Mr. Popo, assistant to the Guardians of the Earth.

Mr. Popo is an attendant who serves the long lines of Guardians of Earth at The Lookout. He works as a groundskeeper and as a body guard to test in physical ability if anyone is worthy of seeking an audience with the guardian of Earth.

God of Destruction attendants


Whis and Vados, the attendants to Gods of Destruction Beerus and Champa.

All of the Gods of Destruction are shown with an attendant following them. Whis is the attendant to Beerus, the God of Destruction for Universe 7, while Vados is the attendant for Champa the God of Destruction for Universe 6.

These attendants serve as martial art teachers to their Gods of Destruction, and are physically stronger than the Gods. They are tasked with keeping the Gods of Destruction in check, and will intervene when the God goes too far. They also perform trivial duties for the Gods of Destruction such as preparing meals for them.

All of the attendants seen in the anime are Angels, watching over their respective God of Destruction, if the God of Destruction were to die they will cease to function until the next God appears.


Neryl, who was aide to the God of Destruction long ago

In Dragon Ball Fusions a character named Neryl appears, Neryl's profile states that she served as an aide for the God of Destruction long ago.

Supreme Kai attendants


Kibito the attendant to the Supreme Kai of Universe 7.

Supreme Kais are shown to have attendants. The attendant for the Supreme Kai of Universe 7 is Kibito, while an unnamed attendant serves the Universe 6 Supreme Kai. These attendants mainly serve as assistants to their superiors, and unlike the God of Destruction attendants they are weaker than their bosses.


Litee, an attendant Supreme Kai

Litee appears in Dragon Ball Fusions and is the attendant Supreme Kai of another dimension.

Zen-Oh's attendants

Main article: Zen-Oh's attendants Zen-Oh possesses his own attendants that escort him to his desired location and act as his bodyguards, preventing anyone from getting to close to their master.

Zuno's attendants

Main article: Zuno's attendants


Zuno has own attendants that keep uninvited guests or the one's who don't have an appointment away from Zuno.

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