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Baby Janemba is the fusion[1] of Baby and Janemba. He is a parasitic mass of evil.[1]



Beat and his team face off against Baby Janemba

When Beat goes into the Dragon Ball Heroes World for training, he expects to face off against Frieza or Cell, however he finds himself in the Super Boss Stage against Baby Janemba, the fusion of Baby and Janemba from an unknown year. Beat is scared but then is reassured by his team, and they attack Baby Janemba. Eventually they defeat him and he-defuses, Janemba is defeated, but Baby turns into Baby Vegeta to continue the battle.

Techniques and special abilities

Forms and transformations

Destruction King

Main article: Mind Break


Destruction King Baby Janemba

Destruction King Baby Janemba is a more powerful state of Baby Janemba taken on as a result of being taken over by Babidi's magic. This state is playable from JM5 onwards.


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