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Bad Ring Laser (バッドリングレーザー Baddo Ringu Rēzā) is a technique used by Sorbet.



Bad Ring Laser in Dragon Ball Heroes

Sorbet aims one of his ring Ray Guns and uses it to shoot a small ball of energy at the opponent, causing either a piercing beam of energy, or an explosion.


Sorbet first used the ring to blast Shu and Mai's weapons out of their hands when they tried to attack him, showing he possesses great marksmanship with it. In Dragon Ball Super, Sorbet did not use the Bad Ring Laser until Goku reverted to his base form and let his guard down.

Film Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, Sorbet later uses his ring's laser to badly wound Super Saiyan Blue Goku when Frieza signals him that Goku's guard is down.

Video Game Appearances

Bad Ring Laser was named in Dragon Ball Heroes. Golden Frieza can also use the attack in Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale, where he causes it to be fired from elsewhere to surprise attack the foe, Golden Frieza's version is much larger than Sorbet's.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ it appears under the name Sorbet's Ray Gun and serves as Sorbet's only in-game appearance (minus the Lobby avatars). It a Special Move that appears as part of Frieza's Golden Frieza Meteor Attack transformation which can be performed after the Golden Frieza form expires. When Frieza staggers after his Golden Frieza time runs out, Frieza can expend another bar of ki to have Sorbet fire a ring from off-screen while Frieza himself gets back up. Interestingly, Sorbet's Ray Gun appears as one of Frieza's Special Moves in the game's story mode, implying that Android 21 revived Sorbet along with Frieza, Ginyu Force, Nappa, and Cell though he is not seen among them on Namek though was presumably revived on Earth instead and later met up with Frieza after he is linked with a human soul in the Enemy Warrior Arc and escapes from 21's control in the Super Warrior Arc. Presumably Sorbet stays in hiding so he can assist Frieza with Sorbet's Ray Gun when his Golden Frieza form expires just like he did during Frieza's revenge, leaving the fighting to his master, Nappa, and the Ginyu Force (as well as Cell and the Z Fighters when they join forces with the Frieza Force to combat Android 21). However his presence is never mentioned nor does he physically appear in cutscenes or Special Events, though he must be alive to be able to assist Frieza during the game's events. It should also be noted Sorbet's Ray Gun also appears in the Special Move List for Clone Friezas indicating Android 21 cloned Sorbet as well, though these clones are never seen and only implied as Clone Friezas never utilize their Golden Frieza forms despite having access to it in their Special Move List (presumably the developers never programmed the Clones' Enemy CPU to utilize either Special Move).