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The Bang Zoom! dub is an English language dub for Dragon Ball Super produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment for Toonami Asia, exclusive to Southeast Asia and India. It began airing in January 21, 2017. While Funimation records an English dub for the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, Bang Zoom! produces the dub for English speaking Asian countries.


Character Name Voice Actor
Goku Lex Lang
Goten Dana Hayes
Beerus Archie Fletcher
King Kai Michael McConnohie
Vegeta Kaiji Tang
Trunks Haley Lewis
Piccolo Ray Chase
Gohan Chris Hackney
Whis Doug Erholtz
Bulma Wendee Lee
Chi-Chi Michelle Ruff
Krillin Brian Beacock
Videl Erika Harlacher
Majin Buu Spike Spencer
Hercule Jamieson Price
Android 18 Tamara Ryan
Shu Tom Bauer
Tenshinhan Ray Chase
Oolong Ray Chase

Changes from the original Japanese version

  • As with the censored FUNimation English dub, Mr. Satan is called "Hercule."


  • This dub marks the first time Wendee Lee voices Bulma since the 1980s Harmony Gold dub.
  • Despite sharing some consistencies with FUNimation's dub (such as the name "Master Roshi"), other established characters and terms are referred to by their original Japanese names and pronunciation (Tenshinhan, Shenlong, etc.)

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