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"All mortals will be wiped out from where my light shines."
Fused Zamasu using this technique

The Barrier of Light is a technique used by Fused Zamasu.


Right after the fusion, Fused Zamasu combines both sources of his power and a halo of light appears behind his back. This is a powerful technique since it allows him to eliminate all attacks toward him as well as strike his opponents by firing multiple purple-colored lightning blasts. This technique also raises the power of Fused Zamasu immensely. It eventually disappears after its possessor begins turning a gooey purple substance on the right side and was defeated by Goku's Kaio-ken-enhanced attack.

Video game appearances

Future Warrior 2 Holy Wrath 2

The Future Warrior using the Barrier of Light while firing the Holy Wrath in Xenoverse 2

As part of the Super Pack 4 DLC in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 the Future Warrior can use Barrier of Light as part of Fused Zamasu's skills Blades of Judgement, Holy Wrath, Divine Wrath: Purification, and Lightning of Absolution. However it only appears during those techniques and it disappears after those attacks are completed.



  • While this technique wasn't named in the anime, it was named in the 48th issue of 2016's Weekly Shōnen Jump.


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