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Battle Supreme (大誤算!!サタンVS3人の超戦士!?, Daigosan!! Satan Tai Sannin no Chosenshi!?) is the fifth episode of the Babidi Saga and the two hundred twenty-fourth overall episode in the original dubbed and the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on April 20, 1994. Its original American air date was October 22, 2001.


Mighty Mask vs 18

18 faces Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten) in the World Martial Arts Tournament

Mr. Satan suggests that they finish the World Martial Arts Tournament with a battle royal. All five remaining fighters will get in the ring at the same time and compete for the championship. Jewel tries to hit on Android 18 in an attempt to persuade her to forfeit, but unfortunately for him, she kicks him straight out of the ring, and Mighty Mask does the same to Killa. Mr. Satan is terrified as Android 18 and Mighty Mask begin to fight.


Goku talking to Gohan

Back at Babidi's spaceship, Dabura tells Babidi that the Z Fighters are getting too close to Majin Buu. Dabura tells Babidi that he will meditate before his fight. Babidi warns Dabura to be careful, and Dabura goes off to meditate. The Z Fighters are getting tired, and Babidi is laughing, because he knows that everyone, especially Shin, will be terrified to see Dabura walk through the elevator door.



  • In the FUNimation dub recap of the previous episode, the narrator mentions that Vegeta used his Super Saiyan strength to defeat Pui Pui, but Vegeta never once became a Super Saiyan during the entirety of that fight and the recap never shows him changing once.