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Electric Shock Wave (電撃波 Dengekiha)[1] is an electric attack used by Cymbal. Cymbal fires energy waves that resemble bolts of electricity, which shock the victim with high amounts of voltage.


Cymbal uses this technique in his battle against Yajirobe at Yajirobe's Prairie. He fires multiple waves at Yajirobe at once, but the swordsman dodges them with ease, then quickly and easily slices Cymbal in two with his katana.

Appearances in games


Drum firing the Beam Ray in Advanced Adventure

Electric Shock Wave used by Drum in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure. It is called Electromagnetic Wave (電磁波 Denjiha) in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, where it is colored yellow. However, it appears as a large Ki Blast instead of an energy wave.



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