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Beehay (or Bihé) is a remote planetoid-asteroid infested with Mouma.


Beehay was first seen in the Dragon Ball GT episode "Lord Luud" when the Para Brothers led Goku, Trunks, Pan and Giru into its maze of tunnels after stealing one of their Black Star Dragon Balls. Earlier, when the brothers consulted their ship's computer with regards to a plan to evade their pursuers, it suggested that they lead them into the asteroid to be eaten by the Mouma. After the travelers from Earth became lost in Beehay's tunnels, the Para Brothers withdrew from the asteroid and returned to Planet Luud.

As the brothers had planned, the Mouma soon attacked the Earthlings' ship, but Goku, Trunks and Pan were able to fend off their assault. The Para brothers soon returned to Beehay when they learned that their victims possessed yet another Dragon Ball, and attempted to steal it using their signature dance. The return of the Mouma startled the brothers, however, and Goku, Trunks and Pan were able to retake control of the situation. Soon thereafter, Pan and Giru inadvertently left Beehay when they accidentally activated the autopilot on the Para brothers' ship. Goku and Trunks followed, bringing the brothers along with them as captives.


  • Beehay's name is a pun on "beehive", due to it looking like an intergalactic beehive.
    • It may also be a play on the popular phrase "finding a needle in a haystack", as the characters are shown getting lost within the asteroid.