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Beerus' Planet

Beerus' Planet (ビルスの寺) with its primary location being Beerus' castle (ビルスの城),[1] is the home of the God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis.[1]


Beerus' planet is in the living world, as opposed to the Other World. It is located at about 26 minutes from King Kai's planet when Warping at ultra-high-speed, but the exact location of his planet in the universe is not shown.[1] The lower part has a shape similar to a square pyramid flipped upside-down, and the top is made of a giant thick dead tree with a number of buildings on it. Several buildings of the temple are located on the giant tree. There is a room where Beerus canteens, and a huge aquarium inside the castle.[1] The temple is stocked with fish and other food. When he does not destroy planets, Beerus slumbers for many years on a floating pedestal/rock in one of the rooms of the temple,[2] where he sets alarm bombs in the shape of huge hourglass.[1] Living on around the temple are several kinds of animals, including birds and butterflies. Around the temple is a gigantic lake that includes several kinds of sea creatures, such as the Oracle Fish and a monster who looks similar to how Nessie is depicted in Dr. Slump and Oishii Shima no Ū-sama. There were also various moons around the temple, although they were destroyed by Beerus due to pain from ingesting wasabi sauce.

During the events of the film, Beerus awakens from a long slumber and is visited by the mysterious Whis. He then leaves his planet and tracks down the warrior who defeated Frieza, a Saiyan named Goku.[3] Whis takes on Vegeta and Goku as students of his and trains them here.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Beerus' Castle:

Video game apperancesEdit

The area around Beerus' planet is a battle stage in Dragon Ball Heroes.



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