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Vereen (or Benina) is a female member of Recoome's race.


Vereen resembles a female version of Recoome.


According to her in-game profile, Vereen is a female warrior who's famous for her sense when it comes to special move names. She claims "They just need to be a little long and beautiful."


  • Fighting Miracle Bomber - One of Vereen's Special moves. An Explosive Wave technique originally used by Recoome.
  • Power Boost - One of Vereen's Special moves. Powers Up one ally.
  • Raging Rush - One of Vereen's Special moves. A melee attack.
  • Attack Genius - One of Vereen's skills. Causes her to deal 10% more damage.
  • Home Run - One of Vereen's skills. Boosts Knockback.
  • Team Attacker - One of Vereen's skills. Boosts damage by support attacker CT.

Video game appearances

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