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Best of Dragon Ball Z: Volume 5 CD

Best of Dragon Ball Z: Volume 5 is a soundtrack by Bruce Faulconer. It is the eighth release from the Best of Dragon Ball Z series. The soundtrack was written and composed by Bruce Faulconer through his company, Faulconer Music, and released by Cake Mix Records on July 13, 2004.[1]

Track listing

  1. "Goku vs. Jeice & Burta"
  2. "Guru's Theme"
  3. "Ginyu Force Theme"
  4. "Piccolo and Nail Fuse"
  5. "Goku's Nightmare"
  6. "Say Goodbye to Namek"
  7. "Mr. Shu's Lesson"
  8. "Mr. Shu's S&M Class"
  9. "Cops Arriving"
  10. "Blowing Up the Lab"
  11. "Goku's Dream"
  12. "Heaven Sent Trunks"
  13. "Bulma's Car / 20 Escapes"
  14. "Episodic Trunks"
  15. "Krillin and Trunks Arrive"
  16. "Tournament March"
  17. "Jazzy Tunes"
  18. "Goku Volunteers Gohan"
  19. "King Yemma"
  20. "Pterodactyl Attack"
  21. "Gohan and Greasers"
  22. "Chi Chi and Videl"
  23. "Gohan Ruins the Shot"
  24. "Brass Fanfare"
  25. "Briefs II"
  26. "Hercule's Orchestra"
  27. "Face-Off"
  28. "Briefs III"
  29. "18 Makes a Deal"
  30. "Doubler Does Kibito"
  31. "Yacon Blows"
  32. "Shin Panics"
  33. "Turned to Stone II"
  34. "Full Power"
  35. "Vegeta Stops"
  36. "Vegeta Fools Goku"
  37. "Boys Flying"
  38. "Gotenks Is Born"
  39. "Gohan Approaches"
  40. "Intro To Finale and Closing Music"


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