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Bio-Hyper Beam (バイオ怪光線) is an Eye Laser technique used by Bio-Broly. Whereas all of Broly's blasts have a green coloration, the Bio-Hyper Beam is distinctly red in color.



Bio-Hyper Beam used against Android 18

Bio-Broly uses this technique twice in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly; once against Android 18 and later against Lord Jaguar and Men-Men. After Goten left Trunks alone against Bio-Broly to save people from the Culture Fluid, Android 18 punches the Bio-Warrior in the face in an attempt to help Trunks and Bio-Broly responds by firing his Bio-Hyper Beam at her. Later, after Goten once again attempted to leave the battle and was hit by Bio-Broly's Mouth Energy Wave, Lord Jaguar asks Bio-Broly, who is now crushing Trunks, to stop his rampage and Bio-Broly responds with his Bio-Hyper Beam, destroying the stairs Jaguar and his cousin were on.

Appearances in games

Bio-Hyper Beam was named in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is Bio-Broly's super attack.


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