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Birthing an Egg (卵を産む)[1] is an ability used by the Dragon Clan to spit out eggs containing their children from their mouths. It is the Namekians' asexual reproduction, and is also used by King Piccolo. King Piccolo's version that creates Mutated Namekians is called Pokopen.



King Piccolo spits out the egg containing Cymbal

In Planet Namek's society, where gender does not exist, anyone born as a member of the Dragon Clan is able to produce offspring alone. However, in Namek's current hierarchy, only the Eldest Namekian lays eggs.[1]

King Piccolo can give his sons part or all of his powers and memories. His technique is most likely a corrupt version of the Namekian asexual reproduction, as his sons are technically Namekians rather than Demons (as they were originally believed to be). He can choose the appearance of his son, as shown when he deemed it only fitting that the son gathering the Dragon Balls for him would resemble a dragon, after which he spawns Cymbal in this akin appearance. Creating eggs in both ages takes much of his energy (so much that when aged, Piano feared for the Demon King's ebbing life-span when he gave birth to Cymbal, saying that he might die prior to gathering the Dragon Balls for regaining his youth if the process continued). When King Piccolo had eternal youth, he no longer had to rechant this phrase, hence, he was able to quickly spit out an egg from his mouth which would immediately hatch into Drum. He used this technique one last time to give birth to Piccolo Jr. when he was defeated by Goku.

While Piccolo never displays this technique, he still has access to it, as he has retained all of King Piccolo's techniques from birth.[2]


  • Your Name is Drum - King Piccolo spits out Drum's egg and sends him to attack the opponent.
  • Birthing Cell Juniors (セルジュニアを生み出す Seru Junia wo Umidasu)[1] - Cell's version, where he creates Cell Jrs. through cellular mitosis.
    • Cell Junior Dance - Cell releases his Cell Jrs. and they aid him in a combined attack on the opponent.

Appearances in games

In the computer game Dragon Ball Online, Pokopen is used by Poko Priests to summon monsters to do their bidding. They can summon different types of monster using the Dragon God's Fury or the Dragon God's Rage.

In Xenoverse 2, it is mentioned by Grand Elder Guru who states that he seems to only be able to give birth to Dragon Clan Namekians in his old age, thus explaining why Warrior-type Namekians like Nail are a rarity on Namek.


  • The "Pokopen" chant that King Piccolo does when he spits an egg is based on a Japanese children chant.



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